Author's notes

I ment for this to be... a inspirational but sad fic, it will probably make you feel sad, or a little bit of happy inside.

Celestial Dreams, Prologue

A light pink and white dragon stood on the pale stone. It's eyes looked dreamy, the sky blue eyes would make any dragon feel safe. The dragon surprisingly was transparent. The usual bat wings of a dragon were no where in sight, instead, a pair of white bird-feathered wings replaced the scaly wings.

The dragon grimly looked up. A metal arch held up a black metal sign.

Dreams of Past Dragons

The ghost dragon entered, passing the arch. She looked up at the gray stormy sky. Everything looked.. depressing. Sharp, pure black rocks speared the skeletons of dragons as slow rain pitter-pattered on the spear rocks. The rain reminded the ghost of the tears of dying dragons. As she reached her destination, happy tears poured down her disappearing face. The spear's held the dragons who had their dreams.

And what was before her held their never-ending dreams.

Peace in Pyrrhria.... Love to all..... The light to all evil.... To live forever..... The dragon read in her most silent voice. The tears ran down her face faster and faster.

"May these dragons.... always live in peace..."

Chapter One: Grave Danger

Sunny cried her eyes out as her friends tried to comfort her. Starflight, Clay, and Tsunami stood by her.

Except Glory.

The dragonets stood in front of a grey gravestone. The words had been slowly and carefully carved into the precious stone. Under the stone, a dead dragon laid peacefully in it's grave. It had no spirit, it's spirit was playing with the other dead dragonets. Sunny once again read the depressing stone.

Glory the RainWing. 2000- 2013. May her spirit be happy for a eternity.

The words creepily echoed in her head. Sunny's gray eyes were filled with more tears, the steamy, salty, and uncomfortable tears slide down the gold scales on her face and unto the rocky and lifeless grey stone. The rain completeted the utterly sad, yet creepy scene.

Glory had died for her friends. She had died to protect them all from Burn. The bloodthirsty finally wanted to end all of the "dragonets and peace" and such, trying to stab the dragonets. Glory stepped in the way, taking the hard blow. Burn had killed her by snapping her neck.

Tsunami's tears fell with the rain. Her tears were cold, unforgiving, the ones that showed you truly had pain inside. Clay didn't cry, it was for the rest of the dragonets. Starflight felt.. confused. He didn't know to cry, or to be happy. She had tried to keep his tribe on a island that was melting.

The same pink and white ghost stood on a metal arch, like the one before.