This is a series written by LordClathor.

Honestly,I don't think I'm good at writing stories,or at least fan

I think I'll edit in short snips,then start doing whole chapters.

Please edit for grammar mistakes or anything.



When Air Pressure Ovtavious the Second is born,the HarpyWings celebrate at the birth of a HarpyWing born from the line of the Legendary Air Masters.Pressure always dreamed of what it looks like outside his mountainous home,and he finally makes his excape.What will happen as Pressure journeys,meeting friends,enemies and many others in the tale of Dream Of The Dragon?

Chapter I

A gust of wind blasts through the tunnels,sending light weighted objects flying while other things are shifted.Many dragons at first were annoyed.Though soon it became a common occurance.This time,though the blast of air was like tornade winds,sending dragons skidding.Pressure stands sitting on the rocky floor in the practice area,randomly messing with the air.He narrows is eyes,making a sphere in front of him.It grows more compressed explodes,the shockwave sending Pressure thudding against the wall.A dark scaled HarpyWing with glittering silver feathers enter the room."H-i hi Platinum."Platinum Caeser Stream  was a beautiful dragonet and Pressure had a major crush on he since he first saw her,though Platinum only noticed him because of his routine "escapes"."Well,I wonder where the breeze cam from..hmm?"Platinum teased(Which she often did).Pressure grins."What you think little ol' me did it?OF COURSE I DID!."His shout sends out another gust of wind.SilverStream chuckles."C'mon,I heard that there's some kind major announcement.."."Really?..Wow I must think that announcements are so boring that I forgot about them"

Chapter II

 Pressure and Platinum flew to the Celebration Cave.They avoided other HarpyWings,trying not to crash like last time.(Pressure thought that creating a tornado in the tunnels would make things go faster)The majority of the HarpyWing tribe gathered in a football sized cave.Only ones that were to young or old or sick wouldn't be able to make it.Pressure and Platinum landed near the front of the crowd,a bonus for being related to the air masters.The dragons slowly calmed themselves and turned quiet as a large dragon with dark red feathers stepped atop a large rock,used for making speeches and other drawling things.A yellow feathered dragon made a short speech about how the the tribe is doing.Soon Blood the,the military leader and a nice enough guy walked forward.He cleared his throat and made a short but deadly statement."A HarpyWing with black feathers has been discovered.

Chapter lll

Bursts of outrage,disbelief and other emotions ran through the crows of dragons.Blood silenced them with a roar and a gust of wind."Silence!We will deal with this...thing...You are all dismissed.Please do not worry."Pressure murmered to Platinum."You sure this won't be like a test,when they said a army of dragons would invade?"Platinum shakes her head,still shocked by the news."It wouldn't be something so serious.This hasn't happened for a century and last time it was a coup to destroy the tribe."

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