These are a few parody love songs sung by the dragonets missing their love interests.

Starflight(captured by the NightWings):

My Sunny lies over the ocean, 

My Sunny lies over the sea, 

My Sunny lies over the ocean, 

Please bring back my Sunny to me.

Sunny(in the Rainforest while Starflight is captured):

Starflight, star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

See the ship of Sunnyflight.


I come from the Sky Kingdom with my scales all a blaze, 

I'm going to the Rainforest, my true love's hopes to raise.

It rained all night, the day I left, my scales started to smoke,

I'm almost there, to see my Clay, I hope he doesn't choke.

Riptide(with the Talons of Peace):

Ho! For a band of extremists

And the honking of the geese,

For I'm traveling off away from home

As part of the Talons of Peace;

As part of the Talons of Peace, me boys,

To me true love far away,

For I'm on lease with the Talons of Peace

Ten thousand miles away.

Then blow, ye winds hi ho!

And a-rovin' I will go,

I'll stay no more on these cold shores

To be caught and locked away.

I'm off to stop a war,

But my heart is sad and sore,

My love she went where I'll be sent:

Ten thousand miles away.

Deathbringer(in the NightWing dungeon):

Oh you, take the top bunk, 

And I'll take the bottom, 

You'll be asleep, long befooore, me,

But me, and my true love, 

Will never meet again,

In the cruddy, cruddy place,

Night Wing iiiiiiisland.

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