Hello! My name is Lulerb03, author of Dragon tales: Lost and Found. You may ask what that is. What are the Dragon Tales? In our world we have Cindella and Snow White. They have NightSky and the Scavenger and The RainWing and the Tree. Thought of an idea for a storytail? Feel free to write on! Collab storytails are also allowed!

NightSky and the Scavenger

Once upon a time, there lived an elegant young NightWing named NightSky. She had a small pile of treasure, a loving mate whom was named GoodRiddance, and a fairly good relationship with the queen.Only one day, the queen called her and GooRiddance to her throne room.

"What is it?" GoodRiddance asked the queen.

"My treasure has been stolen!By a Scavenger the size of a plum!" She cried.

"We shall get it! Don't worry!" Nightsky said reassuringly.

"Please hurry!" the Queen sobbed. And off they went. In no time at all, the reached a huge stone castle. GoodRiddance flew over the castle but did not come back. Sadly, Nightsky flew up only to see that the scavenger had killed GoodRiddance in a mad dash for the treasure. Filled with rage, Nightsky darted forward seizing the scavenger in her talons. She slammed him on the ground and took the treasure and GoodRiddance's limp body.

"I loved him so much...." Nightsky trailed off while explaining to the queen.

"Well, I do have a stone capable of reviving him. It is animus touched and has side effects though." She warned. She pressed it on his heart and he sprung too life! There was a huge celebration for the treasure rescuers and they lived happily ever after.