Tell me if you like Steelwhip in this story, then I (might) make him. Hope you enjoy the story.

(Note: I'm looking for someone's NightWing to (maybe) be Steelwhip's mother. Message me if you want a new NightWing of yours to be his mother)


A starry egg laid in it's stone nest. The glittering stars on the fragile egg made different splash patterns, bringing a lively feeling to the inanimate object.

It's mother was nowhere to be found. Almost as if the egg was unwanted, she had left. No one understood why, but the egg's temperature was freezing. It was unofficially confirmed that the dragonet had died inside and that the egg would never hatch.

Or, that's what the mother thought.

The dragonet was still developing inside. The dragon inside was fertile, but the cold shell had made the mother doubt it's life. It would develop and hatch without it's mother, a horrid fate for any dragonet of any tribe.

The egg made a slight movement, knocking over a small pebble in the nest. The nest had been neatly made inside a sea cave, it's was surprisingly one of the most safest places to hide an egg, as no one dared to cross the gigantic waves. SeaWings could only swim here, bu that would take them days.