This is fanfiction of many stories, also, no stealies, or else the frying ban pan is coming your way! ~ BEEP. Shadowsilver

The 5 headed SeaWing

There once was a five headed SeaWing. His name was Viperine.

Or shall I say H2O, Dam, Shyripple, Waterviper, THEN Viperine.

"Oh. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Dam screamed at a scavenger running in circles, "This is no fun! Being in this cave is no fun! Why can't we leave!?!?" The 2 SeaWing head whined.

Out from the shadows, Viperine's head came into sight. "Because Dam. Dragons don't understand things that are like them. So they don't think and try to kill us."

"Wonderful. I sssupose were getting out when every dragon in Pyrrhia growsssss 4 more headssss." Waterviper hissed in a sarcastically delighted voice.

One of the five heads didn't seem to come out. Too shy for the others. Also the only female of the heads.

"Shyripple, can you come out?" Viperine queried in a kind voice.

"O.K...." She calmly replied. She came out of the darkness to reveal the most beautiful SeaWing on the coast. Sapphire blue eyes glistened with curiosity. Light blue and pink scales shimmered.

"Tsk tsk. Did you get over your baby mode?" Dam snickered as a tear ran down Shyripple's eye.

Dam was smacked in the back of the head by Viperine.

"Stop making fun of Shyripple!" H20 hissed in defense for Shyripple.

Viperine and Waterviper stared at him. 

"FINALLY! YOUR AWAKE!" Dam screamed, making Shyripple cover her ears with snowy white talons.

"You act like it's a miracle." H20 scoffed.