A one-shot, short, funny crossover. Click here for the original video.

No editing, whatsoever.


It was the year 2456 A.D. War was beginning. A draconian vessel was making its way across the inky void, when, suddenly, an explosion rocked throughout the ship, making a computer terminal, in the bridge, to blow up in the face of a rust-colored SkyWing, killing it instantly.

“Kestrel!” an orange-scaled SkyWing, who was the captain, and was called Scarlet, yelled.

“Someone set us up the bomb!” shouted a solid-red SkyWing.

“We get signal,” the operator stated.

“What!” shouted Scarlet.

“Main screen turn on.”

An image of a large, black-as-night-scaled, mechanical NightWing appeared on the large screen in front.

“MORROWSEER YOU ITS!” Scarlet shouted.

Morrowseer smiled a devilish grin. “How you gentledragons are?” Morrowseer said in his usual mechanical voice. And, without waiting for a response, stated, “All your base are belong to us. You are on your way to destruction.”

“WHAT YOU SAY?!” Scarlet shouted at the mechanical NightWing.

“You have no chance to survive make your time.” And, with a last devilish, mechanical laugh, the screen grew blank.

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