Messagecarrier was flying over the sand. His eyes widened at the sight of writing in the sand and something at the top. He dove down to see a scavenger with a determined expression. When he looked at his mind it said to him take me to the rainforest. This surprised him so much he nearly burnt the scavenger. He said to it why do you want to go there? "because i know about you island"

The first Dragon Rider

Messagecarrier sat there his mouth open. How?! Never mind, he thought shaking himself worry about that later, i need to find out what he knows.  "how do you speak dragon?" he asked "and how to you know about the secret tunnel to the night kingdom?". " i was born into a world of dragons" He said "don't you think i would speak you language?" I guess he's right. thought Messagecarrier "Still how do you know of the tunnel". "I was on you island. I know where you are hidden.".