Draft is a 4 year-old SkyWing.  


Draft was 1 year-old when he was sent to be in a elite set of knights for queen Scarlet. He was very mature and was excited to go. Draft was expected to do perfect, and had no trouble doing so. Scarlet ranked him as the leader of this elite set of knights, impressed by his skill. One day, Draft and his knight friends were sent to kill Blaze in her fortress. Before this happened, Draft had injected himself with liquid donated by scientists. These toxins could help him survive years without eating. At the mission, everyone of his friends died. Draft was frozen and called a statue. He was kept in a ice chamber for 3 years. Draft had a slit in the ice, right where his throat was, so he could breathe. Draft was also unconscious for those years.


Draft gets depressed easily and often. He is as loyal as a knight, as he was trained to be loyal. Draft has somewhat of a regal air. He, around enemies and dragons he has just met, is an absolute killer. Draft can be set off with just one wrong move or word.


Draft has blood red eyes. His horns and talons are a stone gray . His mouth is pitch black and his back teeth are slightly bloodstained. Draft has dark salmon red scales. His tail is unusually long. Draft sometimes wears silver chainmail armour that almost looks ghost-like.