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Dopey can only change his scales to shades of pink, orange and yellow, while his base scale colour is white. His scales do change with his mood, but he can't keep them there. He has heterochromia, in which his left eye is neon pink while his other eye is a dull jade green. He has large wings and a large tail, although he isn't a hybrid, and no one really likes him. Although, Drip manages to be friends with him because they're both pretty weird. Also, one of his talons is completely black and he can't change it at all, not even with his moods.


Dopey flops over his own wings and tail too frequently. He's always taken for granted and forgotten about, leaving him somewhat broken. Although, Drip has decided to be friends with Dopey, making his weird and depressing life a little bit better. He's loud, random (XD), and uses self deprecating jokes to cope. How does he have friends? They do the exact same thing. He also makes jokes such as "lazy RainWings" or "RainWings getting tortured by the NightWings", y'know, just nasty ones. Although, Dopey does have a likable side to him. which Drip is lowkey attracted to. The soft side, """innocent""" (he really isn't), the side from years ago that was hurt by everyone, although they never realized it.


Dopey has weakened RainWing abilities, though they do exist. Not like he's gonna use them anyways.



Drip: Drip was Dopey's first friend. He accepted him for who he was







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