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Doomherald is the (non-canon) son of Morrowseer and Blister, created by Matau for use by anyone who wants to use him.


Matau's Version

Doomherald is a very, very smart dragon, who doesn't function well in public society. He looks up to both his parents greatly. He has virtually no regard for anyone outside of the SandWings and NightWings (except perhaps the SeaWings), and he wouldn't mind killing hundreds of dragons in order to accomplish his goals. Being royal, he has ordered a huge number of supplies for his weapons, and developing new ones is his favorite hobby.

However, inside he's very insecure about himself. Despite all his mental talents, he is plagued with doubt, and he's never quite sure if he isn't messing something up. He has ADHD and OCD, as well as antisocial personality disorder. His name refers to the fact that he could usher in the end of the world, which, despite his lack of empathy, concerns even him.

Talons' Version

Doomherald is a extremely smart NightWing that is about to change himself into a Fain*. He despises his sister, Quicksand, yet makes her deliver word about his prophecy. In The Metallic Star, he has a 6 year old son named RationDivider. He is good at making world destroying weapons, like extremely large nukes. He is also trying to create a mechanical barbed tail, like his sister's, with extremely potent venom. When he does become a Fain, he will have unlimited knowledge.

Meanwhile, when not trying to destroy the world, he does care for his son. They do have fun once in a while. 

  • Fain is a reference from The Last Dragon Chronicles. It means a being so evolved he is pure energy.


Doomherald is very dark sandy grey and rather small for his age. He doesn't have a barbed tail, unlike Quicksand. He shares Morrowseer's star-like scales on his wings. His eyes are unusually large and have a tendency to dart around. His talons are very fidgety, as he likes to always be making or designing something.


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