Project: Doomgamma

Creation: 123910, also know as Project: Doomgamma is a cyborg/robot that Xeriam made.  


Xeriam went down to a IceWing animus to buy the carcass of a deceased NightWing, as he was planning to make it "live" again. After buying the carcass from the animus for a unreasonably high price, he began creating the mechanical body for the carcass. After two years of developing and making it, Doomgamma.was finally done. After two more years of building, Doomgamma could finally do regular dragon things, except eat and drink (but Doomgamma doesn't want to do either of those.)

Xeriam's creation was named "Project: Doomgamma". Doomgamma was programmed to recongize regular dracion speach and regu;ar normal dragon things.

To this day, Project: Doomgamma refers to Xeriam as "master" or "creator".


Doomgamma was programmed to have a regular NightWing voice, but a little more polite. He was programmed to ask everyone new he meets for tea, and after a while Doomgamma started to like the word tea. So he likes tea and is very polite.


Doomgamma is a cyborg/robot. However, he has deep purple metal plates on some parts og his ody. His mechnical eyes glow electric blue.