Hello! This is entirely my own idea, but I was inspired by a book I'm currently reading right now.

Chapter One, Part One: An Odd Creature

Lavender's snout was in a book about legendary animals, like it usually was. She had always loved books. The dragon also loved reading and writing assignments for her teachers. Lavender's ears pricked up as she heard her mother yell from downstairs. After sighing, she carefully laid her book down, and ran downstairs as fast as she could.

When she reached the bottom, her mother, Freedommind, replied to herself, "We are having fish, glazed carrots, and bread tonight." Freedom smiled as she picked up silver fish, and put it on a black, possibly stone pan. It sizzled, and released it's delicious aroma.

Yum. Lavender's favorite meal cooked by her mother. "Where's dad?" She questioned her mother.

"Still farming: Must have run into something trying to eat the livestock." Freedom replied. Lavender's father was a farmer, his livestock was located near crystal cave, a rather unpopular and creepy large cave.

Right after she finished her thoughts. Animalraiser, her father, slammed the door open with fright. He followed the aroma of sweet carrots and savory fish.

"Freedom!!! I found something out there on the fields!! Something I've never seen with my own eyes. It was a gigantic winged serpent with dark blue feathers on it with light blue swirls on em'!!!!" He yelled in fright.

Lavender's jaw dropped open. It was a mythical feathered Serpent. In her books, it said they ate dragons whole.

"I guess it was trying to eat the livestock!! After I got my pitchfork, it had escaped in the Crystal Caverns!!!" He yelled, sitting down in his favourite chair, which was by the dinner table.

"Interesting dear." She said.

Lavender asked her mother something she would probably regret, "Can I go see it mom! You just started cooking, pleeeasssseeee????!?!" She asked her mother.

"Yes dear. Just bring your lantern." She replied to her daughter.

Lavender jumped up in down with happiness. She grabbed a book on mythical animals that she left on the table. She grabbed an oak wood broom, to act like a lance. And pots and pans, she put on like armour.

Her mother giggled, "Remember, be back in 3 hours!" She said as her daughter opened the door, and quickly closed it behind her.

"Now, what's fer' dinner?" Her husband asked.

Chapter 1, Part two. The Beast

Lavender stood right outside of the Crystal Caverns. She gulped, who knows what it was like. A cool picture in her book showed a brown and swampy green serpent. Maybe her father mistook his colors, after all, he didn't have the best sight in all of Pyrrhia.

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