Hello everyone, I have dissembled my name on the Wiki and titled myself as XUbiquitousx.  I am almost entirely new to the Wings of Fire series and books except that I started reading the books a month or two after the second one had come out and then joined the wiki a few months after that.  I decided that I would begin to talk to people on chat in the month of November of 2013.  Now in this very month, on November 20 of 2013 at 11:00pm CST, I will begin to create a fanfiction of this book series.  Know one thing for now, I will remain indiscriminate on the opinions of others toward the series, for example, I won't support any shippings unless they are relevant to the series itself.  This would include Sunny/Starflight and et cetera rather than any uncertain ones.  I will also not state much about personal favorite characters lest there shall be debates, arguments and maelstroms over the topic itself.  I give credence that I might be a moderate, yet skilled writer who will at this time pick no sides over any topic, for doing so would offend or insult a certain group.  This is why I am writing, this is what my topic is.  Today, before my time of midnight, I will finish this post of my introduction of myself an my reason for lack of opinions.  This first story of mine will be titled, Dispassionate and Indiscriminate, which tells of a story of an IceWing male who had almost no support in his life and had supported no one.  He will be in the time during the War, generally the same time as the Dragonets of Prophecy.  I will end my introduction emphasizing and my point on debating over ridiculous matters.  I will respect one's opinions if one respect's my own.  I am a moralist who will try to obtain peace here.  Please, I strongly urge you to keep in mind to not criticize other's works, desires, goals and or accomplishments.  I always try to keep in mind of perspective of others, always willing to forgive others for their faults and never carp.  I'll always strive to never remind others of hurtful experiences they might have had in the wiki or during conversations in chats.  Always keep in mind of what others are thinking before you go ahead and judge.  That is who I am and what I will always go and try to live for.  I take perspective, then take sensible judgements that are never harsh, now go do the same.

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A silent, silvery-white, male IceWing had just awoken from a night of rest.  His eyes, being weak and heavy, scanned the surroundings trying to identify where this IceWing was.  It was dark, yet a little light came from up ahead from where he slept, illuminating a bit but not enough to help him see himself.  He scratched the ground only to find he was lying down upon a stony surface.  He then took both the facts that it was dark with a lithic surrounding and concluded that it was plausible that he was in a cave.  Well this IceWing could have given himself encomium for his excellent inference, but it hadn't even crossed his mind to do so.  He stood from his laying position and stretched to his gamut.  His mouth tasted brackish and bitter, and he knew he that his intention was not to lay around in the cave all day, but rather to leave and get on the move.  His black, beady eyes inspected around and found that he was completely and utterly alone.  The IceWing thought this was right and how it should be.  He stayed in the dark for a bit longer before he could believe it was safe to go outside.  In the meantime he walked along the walls of the cave, inspecting some carved and chalked stone.  Most of these聇tges and writings were of his, plans and schedules of where he was going and when.  He had sketched the map of Pyrrhia somewhere down the wall.

As he got closer to the end of the cave, there were different things written on the walls.  His writing included theories on the wars and predictions he had made.  Then, as he went farther, he found information on scientific studies and experimentations he had made.  He also studied dragon psychology and behavior and wondered why dragons think differently than others do. Then he had gotten to the end, which was the oldest thing on his wall since he had arrived a month ago.  It was a question on the wall which was the first thing he had thought about since he had left the Ice Kingdom over three years ago at four years of age.  On the wall, written in limestone, rested his question, 'Why?'

It has been almost two years since all of his emotions were either gone or well concealed.  He had a history of terrible events that had caused him to seek an answer to eternal happiness.  He had discovered that there was not a single way to be always happy and to cavort whenever.  The closest he had ever gotten to do so was to not to lean toward any emotion, under any circumstance.  He avoided becoming gregarious and left society for a lone life.  If he was happy about anything or loved anything dear, he knew it would go against him when he loses whatever it may be.

He was about to return to the mouth of the cave when something caught his eye.  In the corner of the cave walls lay scrolls, vials of ink and a satchel.  He walked toward the pile and peered at it intently.  These were his writing utensils and materials he used for journaling, calculating, and even to study.  He picked up one of his scrolls and unrolled it to read.  Much, no, all of his writing was written in short talon, making it easier to write passing events and other note taking things.  He picked up one of his vials of ink and gently shook it.  It was nearly empty.  He could not really write much more than a summary of his life with the amount of ink he had left.  The IceWing then turned to his hide satchel and picked it up.  He opened it to find a carmine hooded robe inside.  He had used this robe before; he used it to conceal his identity whenever he snuck into the Ice Kingdom.  Though, one not of the Ice Kingdom may think it would be very gay and would stand out, it didn't really make one any different.  There were those who possessed fine gold and riches for apparel and wore some sort of clothing for style.  He rarely used it though.

As he picked it up, out of the satchel, a shiny and colorful stone fell out from his robe, seeming like it was latching on but then had failed.  It was a green stone, an emerald.  He picked it up and inspected its many facets it contained.  He placed it back in his satchel where he looked to see much more treasure, more than anyone could think that such a dragon could have.  There were all sorts of gemstones; from emerald`s to rubies, from sapphires to even a diamond.  Not only were there gems, but there was also all sorts of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.  Under that was another robe, but this one was, instead of carmine, as white as the snow.  It was a substitute to Carmine, in which he had named his robe, whenever it seemed to stand out too much.  He had used this one much more than Carmine because it wasn't as overt to the dragon eyes to see.  He snuck into the Ice Kingdom whenever he needed supplies, mainly ink vials and parchment.  He avoided using the same shops more than once for every time he visited.  His also tried his best to not show his treasure when he went to purchase to avoid any unwanted attention.

Now, this was another visit he had to make to the Ice Kingdom.  He took his white robe and put it around his body.  His 'ruff horns' covered as well when he hooded himself.  He positioned his satchel on to where it was neatly hidden under the robes, away from sight.  He also took some of his empty vials of ink to sell to earn some money because he knew getting vials in the Ice Kingdom was difficult, being the fact it is nearly barren.  He also brought his parchment to ensure that if someone would ever come in he or she wouldn't find his writings.  And with that, he took a pale of water, which was still surprisingly slushy and not yet ice, and poured it on the walls washing all but one spot.

As he began to leave he thought about the planning he made and all his scheduling.  He probably never would even do the things he had written down anyway.  And yet, one piece of writing remained on the walls that he knew he would never erase or ever visit the cave where it was written.  And that being a question for all with their own interpretation and even that question popped in the IceWing's head as he wondered about war and fighting, death and loss.  'Why?'

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Chapter 1: Last of the Nobles

His name was Shatter.  As ice falls on solid ground, it will shatter if dropped at an appropriate height.  He was born on the coldest day of a year, and also was born into a wealthy family.  His family was reputed in the Ice Kingdom and were of high nobility.

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There were perhaps three children in the family.  First born, as Shatter had recalled, was a sister who was four years older than he.  She was an intellect in nobility, and kind of heart too.  Her scales were different from his being in the sense that his were silver-white while her own was as white as the pure fallen snow of the region.  Her name was Shudder.  Shudder, being related to a body reaction toward a cold weather.  Many of her scholarly peers had looked up to her as a leader and a strategist.  Shudder had garnered her knowledge and had even awed most of the professors at schools and colleges.  As the story went, Shudder was urged to become a battle strategist, which she did, during the SandWing Queen Pyrrhian war, winning four major important battles; before her and her unit was brutally slaughtered in the east region of the Pyrrhian desert by a group of SkyWings.  She was eight then, she'd be around twelve now.

Shudder had died two months before Shatter reached the age of four.  His second sibling had died not long after that.  His second sibling was his brother named Shiver.  Shiver was similar to Shudder except the fact that he wasn't as smart as her, but he was corpulent.  He, rather than Shudder, volunteered to fight in the battle, mainly against the SkyWings.  He had won more battles than Shudder, but they weren't as important in the winning of war.  He died in his thirteenth battle, though his unit had won; they buried his body back into the Ice Kingdom's Noble Cemetery.  This was three months after Shatter had become four, whether he had left because of fear of going into battle, or witnessing another loss, he did not know.

Now he was back, and three years older since his family had last seen him as a younger dragonet.  He, in the sky, then landed a few paces behind the gate doors which were large in size compared to dragons.  Five guards stood guarding the front, staring at the nearing dragon as he approached them.  Shatter had seen these dragons before, mainly at their post in the mornings of every other day, and they had always let him pass through into the kingdom for reasons being that he was an IceWings and another.  Even if you were an IceWing, one needed to identify and prove in a way that you were no stranger.  In one of the most banal ways he could think of Shatter had come to an agreement with the guards to let him pass.  He bribed them.

Shatter used his thinking and planning to calculate his currency after a buying a certain quantity and then seeing how long it would last.  He took in account to visit every four months to buy ink and parchment for his writings.  He would also see to find the latest news on the War and what had happened since he was gone.  He never went in to buy anything else but ink and parchment.  His caught his own food, south of the Ice Kingdom, to eat for himself.  He sold ink vials to make a small profit and then occasionally find one or two gems in his cave every year.

Since the last three or four times he visited he had wondered about what dragons thought about his disappearance.  In an old parchment of history he found that his parents were devastated by the fact that the last of their sons had left and may have been possibly killed.  He never pitied them nor hated them, he was only curious about their emotions being because they were the closest to him.  Shatter was considered dead in the IceWing Kingdom, and also to all of dragon-kind.  His status in the land stated he was deceased, more than likely, and the last of the Noble children.  His family wouldn't recognize him anymore; he was a robust figure and a changed one too.

As he walked to the guards he tossed each of them a two rubies and a sapphire gem and as regular and normal this was, like a habit, they had let him pass in through without giving away any identification or speaking at all.  They open the door a bit to let him pass as they moved away from the entrance.  As he entered inside he saw many structures of homes and shops.  Most of them were built of carved ice while others were intellectually built by white stone and quartz.  Many of the first dragons he saw didn't even look at him and those who did, respectively ignored him.  "Good," Shatter thought, "just the kind of attention I like...none."

It wasn't as quiet as one would expect, as he moved it he found that there were many more dragons outside than there were by the gate, not noisy, but a little busy.  Shatter was now going to move quickly; he did not want anyone suspecting a mysterious dragon coming into the Kingdom and then hang around for too long.  Shatter quickly, yet with a steady and steady manner, walked to a vendor who seemed to be selling parchment and vials.  He had never seen him, and this was good.  If he never saw him then he would be recognized by him.  His pace quicken only slightly, yet unnoticeable manner.  Once he had arrived close enough to see his face and his merchandise, laying on the ground, clearly the merchant directed his attention to Shatter and smiled.  Shatter didn't smile back.

"Hello good sir," said the cheerful IceWing said, "What brings you're attention to my humble store?"

Shatter said nonchalantly, "I've took a little glace at your inventory and suspected you had parchment and ink vials to sell, something I lack now that I would need for my job."  Shatter did not lie, he considered his writing hobby he did a job in which he was rewarded with history, recollections of memories and studying notes.

"Well, you've some to the right place, I've got all the parchment and ink you need right here," he exclaimed proudly, "I've got from basic parchment to colored and black ink to any chromatic color!."

Shatter, a little dumbfounded, yet plainly asked, "How in Pyrrhia did you make or get a hold of colored ink here?"

The merchant IceWing laughed, "Let's just say that I know some dragons."

Shatter really didn't care about it, it wasn't illegal to get colored ink, but it wasn't an everyday merchandise.  In the end it he had bought five parchments, five wooden rolls to make some scrolls from it, and nine ink vials in which he had spent a total of five jades for each parchment, ten for each wooden roll and a ruby for the nine vials.  After he had done so, the merchant had kindly bought the four empty vials for a total price of two rubies.

"It's nice doing business with someone who is actually willing to buy this, no offence."  The IceWing merchant said, "Oh, by the way, I'm Icicle, to what honorable dragon do I make these sales to?"

Shatter did not take surprise from this question at all; he had always answered with the same statement to every dragon that had asked for his title of name, "Hello, you can call me Frigid."  This was not a lie it was a statement in what he wanted others to call him, not what his name was.

The dragon nodded and then shooed him away as another dragon came bye to buy from him.  Shatter did not feel offended nor will he ever.  His job was done and he had gotten all he needed for his trip to wherever.  As he left he gave each of the other guards again another ruby to thank them for their work.  Once he had flown off quite a distance away, he uncovered his face and looked into the sky.  He wanted to move now and he didn't want to stay in on spot for too long.  He wanted some place where he could travel to and somewhere where he could take notes on dragon behavior and do what he always wanted to do.  Now, was his chance to choose to go, but one question remained in his head as he wondered about this.  'Where?'

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Chapter 2: Blaze's Fortress

It was decided.  During the time when Shatter paced in circle a few miles south below his cave he made his decision.  He had completely abandoned his old cave so he could travel to other places in Pyrrhia.  Well, he knew there weren't many places to go due to the war that was going on.  His species were loyal to Blaze and Blaze and the SandWings were the allied with the IceWings.  So his decision was to go to the SandWings, to Blaze's Fortress.  If Shatter was right about this, then the SandWings who supported her as their future queen would either be there or nearby.

Shatter has never been to the fortress mainly because he was a noble from a well-known family and that his parents had never thought he was ready to travel outside the Kingdom walls.  Now he was ready, and Shatter was sure.  He had never been sure about many things because he knew a situation can change accordingly and then being sure about something then would just prove him wrong.  But Shatter was referring to his current situation and status, and as of now, he was ready to go.

Shatter did not have his robes on, he would be bare if it wasn't for the satchel that he was wearing.  He opened his satchel to find that some good amount of treasure still remained with him.  Both of his robes were there too; he guessed he could use Carmine on the fortress.  Last, he found some jewelry and apparel of high value.  He wondered what requisites were needed to enter there if he hadn't originated from there.  He knew there were some IceWings who visited and or stayed there, but he didn't know if it was by the kindness of Blaze, they were he allies, or an important status needed.  He could risk going there as a commoner and be denied, he doesn't know much about SandWings either, so Shatter had a plan.

With his jewelry as a noble, Shatter wore it to appear as one and receive unhesitant welcoming.  First, he wore his ear piercings, they were of fine and pure gold with absolutely no precious stones whatsoever.  Second, Shatter placed on his bracelets which were also made of pure refined gold.  And lastly, he wore the last apparel he decided to put on an amulet of some sort that he had.  It was one that his mother had given him when he was two.  She thought it would be a good reminder of his parents and a good luck charm to protect him in any situation he would encounter.  This amulet was of gold too, but on it were five stones.  Looking at it, the bottom was a jade that represented wisdom in which Shatter had always sought through his life.  On the left was a sapphire representing truth and faith, something he did not have unless he had proof and revelation of a certain matter.  To the far right was a ruby which means of the heart and love, but Shatter did not love anymore; he had rid of his emotions.  The one on the top was an emerald which was the symbol of unity; Shatter's unity was with himself not with others.  Finally was the most precious stone which he had, the diamond.  It was to mean constancy and innocence which he as well had.

There was a hint in this that told Shatter that his mother had given it to him to remind him what kind of dragon he should be.  It meant nothing to him in the sense of it being a symbol for something.  He wore it because it symbolized wealth and power to him, but not that he cared about it, but because what he needed others to think about him.

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Shatter then rose into the air and flew south into the direction of the fortress.  From what he had learned from his past, the fortress was south of the Ice Kingdom.  He had always wanted to see it as a dragonet because there were so many wonderful things he had heard about it.  He had heard about Blaze's tapestries on the walls and that it was warm for the SandWings that lived there.  He had learned about the barracks and the dormitories that housed the dragons in and outside of the war.

Then again, if Shatter gave his name or class to any dragon, the IceWings could be right on his tail and then return him back to the Ice Kingdom where he must continue his duties and more as a noble.  His intelligence would be forced to be used in war and would make him both famous and infamous in the world of Pyrrhia.  He could not give his name, at least not his true name.  When Shatter was born he was bestowed the name, 'Shatter Solstice of the Coldest Night,' this was his title as well in which many of the Lessers called him.

The Lessers were IceWings dragons that were indentured as servants.  These indentured servants served in the noble and royal family to pay off debt or to be fed and helped when they had no other position in society.  In his stead, the Lessers worked as mainly maids and butlers to help around his old home.  They were also Lessers who spoke for their masters when the masters were busy or unable to.  In fact, a Lesser maid help Shatter escape his old home to avoid being used as a tool.  He did not know what happened to her, but if she was dead then they figured she helped him, if she was alive then his parents were still oblivious and she would have finished the indentured time.

Shatter saw an enormous structure in the distance in which he assumed it to be Blaze's fortress.  When Shatter thought he was close enough, he landed near around the corner of the entrance.  He thought hard about his decision and had begun to remove his accessories.  He placed everything back into his satchel, even his robes to his any suspicion that he intended to conceal his identity.  The only thing he left in his talons were four rubies in case he had to bribe a guard.  He stood in the cold snow and even threw some on himself to make it seem he had fallen in the snow, but in reality he was covering his identity.  Once Shatter thought he was well enough to approach, he then began to do so.

Shatter turned around the corner of the fortress and found two guards outside of the main gate.  Breathing calmly, he came and then stood in front of the two guards as if expecting them to ask him why he was here, or to let him in because he was an IceWing.  As it came to be, the former had occurred and one of the guards then asked him, "Uh, hello, what brings you to the great and marvelous fortress of Blaze?"  And according to the tone of the guard's voice, she didn't seem too happy about being outside standing guard.

He thought about this and guessed he could use this to his advantage, if he made his words long and slow the guards might not try to argue too long with him since of course his race was an ally in war.  "I am just an IceWing from the Kingdom in the north; I beseech that you may allow me to enter that I may settle in and remain in awe as I look at the wonderful tapestries of Queen Blaze."

It was then when the other SandWing guard said, "Settling within the fortress requires Queen Blaze's permission and consent."  "Even though she'd probably say yes anyway."  The guard said under his breath, but Shatter had heard him.  The first guard turned to him from looking at the other and spoke saying, "Well, I guess so..."  And with that both guards both opened the door in which gave him entrance into there.

And for the longest time Shatter was wondering what the two guards were doing before he entered.  Shatter stared at what seemed to be some sort of game that decided something.  It was a game that involved both dragons to throw sticks in there air and whosoever stayed in the air for the longest won.  Yet, Shatter watched as the first dragon won and she praised herself in the name of the three moons.

"May I ask why this game was played and to what extent was there a reason to be overjoyed?"  Shatter asked.

The second dragon turned to the first and said, "Since you're not allowed to see the Queen without an escort, we played this game in which the winner was to escort you into the warm fortress, while the loser has to stay in the cold for longer."

Shatter left the other SandWing outside while the first escorted him inside to meet Blaze.  As he neared the court room he found it to be very large with massive pillars and a sandy floor covering the stone beneath.  It was a lot warmer than outside as well, just as the guard had said.  In the center of all this was the SandWing, Blaze, sitting on a pile of crimson colored pillows and pale colored carpets staring into the mirror she had in front of her.  She turned her attention to the stoic IceWing that entered in the room.

"Your Majesty," the SandWing guard said, "this IceWing comes to discuss about settlement within you magnificent fortress."

"That is fine," Blaze said, "you can go."  She shooed her away as she turned her attention to Shatter.  Some of the guards still stood around speaking to each other as most of them began to listen to Blaze.  "I'm glad that an IceWing came here, visitors aren't common.  Wait, are you a real IceWing?"

Shatter did not know why she asked that if he was pretty sure this was what all IceWings look like.  Her expression told him that she was a bit unconvinced so he then said, "Yes, I am."

She took one more moment of staring before she stopped, but she frowned.  "I'm sorry to tell you this but we don't have many rooms in the dormitories left in the fortress for any more visitors.  Unless you have a good reason to obtain one I guess I can't do much to help you."

Shatter thought fast through his entire history and past about the things he could have done so he can obtain a room.  He had decided to come all this way to take notes on dragon behavior, which mostly included the SandWings.  Now his possibilities to find some place to hide from the IceWings and the other dragons who were his racial enemies were very slim.  His mind went back to his earlier years as a dragonet and his family.  He was a noble.  His family was a wealthy one, but he thought about bribing a royal wasn't going to do anything mainly because they were wealthy already.  A little voice in his head then told him about revealing his identity.  Shatter did not want to exhume his identity; Shatter was not willing to risk attracting attention.  Maybe he didn't have to, he had almost forgotten the gold and jewelry he had obtained over the years.  With this, Shatter reached into his satchel to pull out a few things.

"What do you have in there?"  Asked Blaze, completely unaware that Shatter was going to pull out his treasure.

"What I have here," Shatter said when he pulled out some apparel, "is the gold and accessories of the nobles."  He placed on everything he had on earlier to prove himself as a noble to Blaze.  "And here," he finally said pulling out a ring with a gemstone, "is the family ring given to me from my parents."

Shatter pulled out maybe one of the most valuable object in all of Pyrrhia, a platinum ring with the rarest of all gemstones, a red diamond.  It was given to his family for the reason that an offspring of the royal family would marry a noble and would have matching rings (royal family obviously having one too.)  The reason it was given to him was because when his brother Shiver died he had the ring that his parents though he would soon marry the IceWing princess after he returned.  Ergo, it was given to him.

Once Shatter had the full apparel on Blaze just stared in awe and confusion.  She smiled and said, "Oh, wonderful a noble in disguise how brilliant, I would like to say to whom do I have the pleasure speaking to?"

This was not unwonted to Shatter; he knew this question was going to come up and come for him when the time was right.  Shatter did not think Blaze knew the names of the nobles since she had never visited the Ice Kingdom, which gave Shatter the opportunity to give any name he wished.  Shatter was thinking if Blaze would ever mention him to any IceWings who were familiar to the nobles and then again he probably wouldn't stay for too long to be found.

"Borealis," Shatter said, "you can call me Borealis."

"Well Borealis," Blaze greeted with his new name, "I'll see to that you get the best of the remaining rooms left, but I do apologize that they are not well enough to fit your class."

Shatter did not understand why Blaze was so apologetic and humble; he was guessing her kindness won her the SandWings' approval as queen.  He nodded to Blaze as another SandWing guard began to escort him to his room.

"O, I almost forgot," Blaze said before he left toward an exit, "tomorrow me and some of my nobles are having breakfast together we would all be delighted to have you over."

He only nodded to that before he left.  There were many rooms in the dormitories and much room to house hundreds of SandWings and IceWings.  There was one place where the dorms looked more regal, but the rooms weren't of many numbers.  As he was guided through a hall full of door he was stopped at one that seemed to be in a good condition made of mahogany wood.  A knob on it was made of fine brass and its number, of brass as well, read '816'.

The guard left him with the key as he then left.  When Shatter entered the room he did not find it to be as fancy and as regal as the door appeared.  It was a pig in a poke.  Though it was regal in a sense, the reason it wasn't was because it seemed like it wasn't cleaned or taken care of in a long time.  He set down his satchel and decided to tidy up the place.  Once it was clean he took another look to see what the things in the room were.

As he saw it in its newly cleaned state he found a chest in which Shatter knew he could keep his belongings in, but not his treasure.  He saw a nest of carpet and pillows, not as fancy as Blaze's but he didn't care.  He also saw a weapon's rack in which he could put any sort of weaponry.  The only weapon he had was a secret that he didn't want to display in his room.  The walls were made of smooth stone and the floor of smooth marble tiles.

Shatter had decided to stay for two weeks but he wouldn't tell Blaze until tomorrow.  Then a question came again in his mind, another one.  It was a question of torture as it pertained to his memory and his issue with remembering things.  His mind raced through time as he tried to remember the meal Blaze had invited him to.  'When?'

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Chapter 3: Boa

He had missed it.  It wasn't until the day after the scheduled date of the breakfast when Shatter had received a letter and note, from the queen.  He had forgotten that date, but had refused to feel terrible about it since he had told himself many times before that, if he had known himself that something was forgotten then he promised to himself that it would not hurt him to have accidentally missed it.  As he opened the note he had almost let worry and apologies affect him, but after controlling himself he finally opened the note which read: Dear, Borealis

I am sorry you were not able to come to the breakfast I have invited you to.  I was so excited about a newcomer arriving, but I'm confused why you haven't come.  Please don't feel sorry about yourself for missing this, If you please to come to our next one, you are invited.  Talk to my noble Boa if you have any questions, thank you and don't forget the next one tomorrow; schedule it with Boa so we know that you are coming.

Love, Queen Blaze of the SandWings

What a shame. Shatter thought.  His thoughts weren't for because of Blaze's concern, but rather because of his own.  He wasn't selfish, he just didn't care about others unless there was a situation where one was in danger and he had to do what was right.  This was now a burden.  To keep track of every single piece of history and things Shatter had done, he was to write in his scrolls and keep the ones of others to get exact records of the past.  He did not know why he had to do it, but his life was meant to be recorded as if someone was going to read in the future to learn about his life.

Well, now he was in his room.  He was wondering and pacing around his room about the results that may come from either going or not.

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Well, all he knew was that he would be continuously pestered by Blaze and grow suspicion towards him.  Not something he would like, because he knew that such things could lead to attention, which he thought was not good according to his plans he has made for himself.  Since his mind was made up, he guessed he would have to speak to this dragon noble, who went by the name of 'Boa.'

XUbiquitousx 5:40pm-6:00pm CST 12/18/13.

Shatter had departed from his temporal stead, out into the dormitory halls.  He peered into the throne room where he had first arrived.  The queen wasn't there on that morning, and then again, he was up very early.  The star had not yet rose above the horizon, but still, not even most guards were up and awake.  The world that Shatter had been born into was a different world now, this world was a tired and less able to keep going on.

Shatter walked through the throne room as nonchalant and careful as possible.  Not a soul was present in the room.  He walked across to a passageway that he read a sign which read: Noble House Altife.  He assumed, in which he rarely did, that this where the noble 'Boa' was.  He entered the passageway where there were found torches hanging on the wall to light the way.  His vision was only limited to what this source provided for him, but he knew not to complain.

As he came to the end of the passageway, he saw A golden door that had a platinum plaque which read: Altife.  He did not know how different a noble house was from an IceWing's, but he knew it couldn't be that different.  He wondered who lived in the house, so wondering and pondering about it for a moment, he decided he would knock.

He pounded upon the door three times before he stopped and waited there for the master of the house to come.  As he waded he wondered about the possible personalities of whoever would approach him.  Whether male or female, angered or kind, elated or despondent, he never laid his expectations to get the best of him.  He also wondered about how the planning of this event will go.  Whether breakfast again, or another meal, he knew not.  Whoever would appear at the door would more than likely be exhausted from staying up late, or somnolent from waking up.  He also thought about the possibility of someone not waking up at all.  He decided to himself that he would wait a moment longer for them.

He waited for almost the time of seventeen time intervals of his blinks before he began to leave the place.  As he walked he heard a clanking of sounds.  He slowly turned around, and saw that the door to the house was opening from the inside.  Shatter walked close as the door began to open and remain ajar.  A female SandWing poked her head from the door as he replaced himself back into his original position.   She looked at him in confusion and bewilderment.

"I am surprised to see that you had the patience to wait for me to reach the door."  She asked.  She looked around and then asked, "No matter, why are you here?"

Shatter spoke, "Are you Boa?"

She stared into his eyes and said, "Depends who's asking."

Shatter shook his head, "It never matters who is asking, it doesn't change who you are."

She looked surprised, "Sounds like something I would have said, guess I've been hanging around dragons who think differently than I, for quite a while."  She looked down and then back at him.  "Yeah, I'm Boa."

Shatter, who hadn't changes his dispassionate expression said, "Blaze desires that I would set my time."

XUbiquitousx 4:49pm-8:57pm CST 12/20/13.

She looked at his face with a confused expression, she did not understand him.  "Um...hold on."

Boa went back inside as she went to do something.  Perhaps to splash some water on her face to wake up.  He thought.  Moments later, he heard a splashing of water the confirmed Shatter's prediction.  Boa then came to the door again, but a little more awake.

"How about you come inside where we can talk and greet each other formally rather than an awkward talk at the door?"

Shatter considered it, though he never considered anything awkward, he agreed to it and walked inside.

When he entered and the door closed behind him, he was surrounded by all sorts of fine jewelry and elegant furnishings with fine linen, which Shatter thought was a rare sight to see.  The wall were of sandstone, while, hanging from them, were tapestries and paintings of the noble family and the royal family from different generations.  Boa landed herself upon camel fur, next to carmine silk covers in which she out on herself and made her transform herself into a regal persona.

She took out a scroll she had behind her and gestured for Shatter to take a seat in front of her.  Shatter slowly, at his own pace, took his time to do so.  Once he had done so Boa looked at him and said, "So what is your name?"

Shatter, being more intelligent than the average dragon, avoided the question by answering another question, "They call me Borealis."

She looked at him suspiciously with a question in her eyes.  He could not read her question the moment she stared at him, but he knew that there'll be something coming up that he'd have to answer quickly and without any fear.  Or, maybe there wasn't going to be a question.  Maybe she figured something about him.  He already learned a few things from her already, one she was a thinker, and two, she is easily swayed.  He thought that was kind of a strange combination to him.  Moreover, she was getting something from him that made him, maybe, uncomfortable.

"Your name isn't Borealis is it?"  She said, "I noticed that you changed your words to where it seems like I asked another question...Borealis isn't your name."

Shatter, not at all surprised, said, "A very good observation you have made.  But you don't seem like the type to actually care about it do you?"

Boa smiled.  "No, and a well observation for you too."

Shatter nodded, "Back to business, Blaze wanted to make sure if I was okay since I didn't show up on the breakfast invitation she had and wanted me to come to you to set up another time to have me over."  Shatter looked at his talons after speaking, not making any eye contact because he hated looking at others in the eye, he felt like it was some sort of disrespect, but in a different way, he thought it strange also like maybe a waste of time and distracting while he thought about what he would do during his time here or when he left and where he'd go.

Boa thought about his statement and nodded.  "So you're concerned about being there?"

Shatter shook his head.  "No, I don't want to be perceived as one who doesn't care about one, even though it's entirely true."

"Well I hope you'll be happy when I say that I have made your appointment official and complete."

"Hmm."  Muttered Shatter.

"Oh and you know what?"  Boa said, after finishing writing in her scroll.

Shatter, also exhausted now, said, "What?"

"Blaze thought that it'll be such a great idea to invite your family to come over for a dinner party too, so she sent a letter to the Ice Kingdom two days ago to have them come.  I bet you'll be thrilled."

Shatter stopped looking at his talons.  He looked up at the ceiling of the house for a moment instead.  After a moment he turned to Boa again and said, "Cancel the event, I'm not going."

Boa looked shocked, and tried to think about what was wrong, "What's wrong?"  She said.

Shatter didn't answer but left the house without saying another word.  His mind went wild with many statements, predictions and questions as he went to his room to pack up his things.  He did not want to see his parents, not that he had a grudge on them, but he did not want to face what would happen is he was brought back home.  His mind focused on one thing as he finished gathering his belongings to leave and as he snuck out to the front of the fortress he wondered about his next actions and what he should do...but in general he thought of this sole question...'What?'

XUbiquitousx 9:35pm-11:13pm CST 12/24/13.

Chapter 4: A Crazy Friend

There wasn't much time left.  If fact, he considered himself lucky to even have time left.  There wasn't much distance between the fortress and his own kingdom, and Shatter was wondering why his parents hadn't come yet.  Shatter decided not to think about it.

By now, Shatter had been far away enough from the fortress to feel that he wouldn't be found.  He looked to see where he was.  He found himself to be closer the the Kingdom of Sand, home of the SandWings, before the war came upon.  Shatter wasn't done, not even close, he had places to go and things to find.  His plan was to find different things and experience to write down in his scrolls so that one day he could share important lessons and sights to the many who might come across them.

His actions and example means nothing now to anyone, him being not important at all or having any known status at all.  But maybe that changed when he stated that he was a noble of the IceWing Kingdom.  He hadn't been himself lately.  He sought for his advantage, not for the good for others and himself.  He thought to change himself too again.  He has to go back to where he didn't care about anything; he had to change, for the benefits for others, not because of the goodness of his heart.

He was currently in flight, going south south-east from the fortress, and away.  He looked forward and up and he spotted a thunder cloud from a distance.  Nimbostratus.   Thought Shatter.  Shatter wondered.  He thought a crazy idea for himself, his plan for life included experience and writing a log for this.

He quickly flew himself into the direction of the cloud.  And judging by the speed of the cloud and his skill and knowledge of aerodynamics, plus his time in schooling himself without any distractions...if he didn't know enough about clouds, then he could sure find out more though this time.  He thought about maybe it would take around forty blink intervals (equivalent to two minutes) before it would collide with him.

As he flew closer he thought about the feelings of the cloud around him and the air moving through.  He knew from early study and schooling in the Ice Kingdom that clouds were freezing cold because of the low pressure in the upper atmosphere where there was less energy and movement.  Maybe there was something new he could learn maybe...

Almost faster than the neurons of his brain could process through, he was rushed and engulfed into the nimbostratus.  It took him by surprise, he was too busy thinking about what it would feel like, he didn't notice that it was coming faster than he thought.  He now switched himself to thinking about the now, thinking about how it really feels.

When he felt it, it was cold, but nothing he couldn't handle as an IceWing.  Since it was a storm cloud he knew he had to be careful because of the lightning, and maybe other things he wasn't aware of.  As he went through, there were only short times where he could see more than a dragon length away.  And every now and then he'd look up and sometimes find an opening where he could see the star shining down, attempting and pleading with its subject, the cloud, to pass by so it can give light to its glorious world below.

As he flew, feeling everything that was going on, he saw something from the corner of his eye.  Two pairs of blue wings came through the opposite direction of Shatter, but the same direction of the cloud and still within.  They couldn't be SeaWings... thought Shatter, their bodies have more water than any other dragon tribes and could easily be struck by lightning and die.  He then rethought about it to consider other possibilities or situations.  Or maybe it was part of his imagination.

Then, Shatter noticed something, perhaps something he himself should have noticed since before he had entered the cloud.  There, on his wings, was ice, building up on his wings and he noticed also that his flying pattern and maneuvering was a bit off.  He didn't notice it because it was cold and he had been living with the cold his entire life.  If there was another experience I hadn't felt ever before.  Shatter thought as his flying slowed down to a stop.   I wonder how it'll feel to drop so far down.  And with that, Shatter plummeted seven thousand feet down.

Shatter didn't know how far he could go down before his wings were free from the ice.  Kind of ironic that it may be what ice kills this IceWing.  He thought.  Maybe I have some last thoughts... but before he even began thinking, a silhouette in the sky jumped from the cloud he was in.  It dove down toward him as he heard a sound coming from him.

"WOOOOOOOO!  YOU'RE IN NEED, HERE COMES...."  The other dragon didn't finish, who it seemed to be a guy, because his voice was muffled in a stray cloud.

Finally, the dragon caught up to Shatter's falling body as they were nearing the ground.  And for all the most random questions he have ever heard during serious situations, this one question he asked, "Hey how's it going?"

Shatter, with no expression or humor, asked back, "How's what going?"

Without answering back, the dragon pulled himself and Shatter up to accelerate and slow down while nearing the ground.  He almost gently landed until he lost his strength and they both fell down a little distance.

"Ouch," said the dragon which turned out to be a SandWing, "Well, you're in my debt, now that I saved your life, no need to thank me."

"I wasn't going to thank you, no offense."   Shatter said, "And I didn't need you to help me."

"You're not a bit least thankful for me?" He asked, dumbfounded, "Doesn't everyone want to live?"

"Your intentions were right, I can't argue with that."  Shatter said as he got up.

"Is that a satchel?"  Asked the SandWing.

"Yes."  Shatter said as he fixed himself up.

Shatter took his time to make sure everything was in his bag and that the vials hadn't broken.  Only two vials were broken and since Shatter was smart enough to put his vials and scrolls in separate pockets none of his logs were damaged.  So he disposed of them as quickly as he could, under the sand.

"What was your name?  Tumbleweed?"  Shatter asked.

"Wait!  How'd you know that's my name?"  Asked the SandWing.

"Because, your tone of voice earlier when you said I was in sounded as if you were going to rhyme, and the only thing I can think of that rhymes with need that pertains to the desert and arid things is a tumbleweed."  Shatter said.

Tumbleweed laughed as said, "Ah, you're a funny you are."  He scratched his belly before smacking his lips and looking around and then looking back at Shatter.  "So where ya headed?"   He asked.

"Nowhere specific."

"Oh my gosh!  Me too!"  Tumbleweed said.  "In case you were wondering, I came from Burn's army, one of the very few SandWings that are sided with her."

"No offense again, but I don't care."  Shatter said with no tone of hate or any remorse saying that.

"Oh!"  He said happily, "what a kind heart to say that you don't care where I'm from...I'm still a dragon and should be treated as such right?  Aw, you're such a big heart of hearts and love."  Tumbleweed hugs Shatter and Shatter stops from his tracks walking south-east.

"Will you be kind enough to let me go so that I may go?"  Shatter spoke.

"Sorry.  Oh!  Can I go with you?"  He said as he let go.

Shatter wondered about that for a bit.  He couldn't be responsible for anyone, not after his siblings died he wouldn't handle this.  But, if he was ever in danger, it would be good for his survival to have someone to help him.  He did not know what to do, whether to bring him along or not.  Then he thought about something else.  He would allow him to come, but it's Tumbleweed's decision to come.  So Shatter decided that he'll bring him along, but not as a partner, but as a follower.  So Shatter no longer would think of his as his responsibility.

Shatter turned to him, "You are allowed to accompany me, but you will not be my responsibility.  If anything happens to you..."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I get it, so will when are we leaving?  Now?  I hope now, I also am hungry, haven't eaten in days, or was it yesterday?  What was your name again?"

"I didn't say."  Shatter said.

"So what's your name then?"  Tumbleweed asked, very curiously.

This time, Shatter decided he'd never give a fake name again.  He was tired of this, he does not like doing this to others and himself.  But Shatter wasn't going to give his real name, no he wasn't, so the best he could do was...

"I wont say."  Shatter told him.

"Why not?  Please.  Tell me. TELL ME, TELL ME!"

"No, by the way, how did you even survive in the cloud?  It's freezing there, and you're a SandWing, no SandWing can survive such frigid temperatures."

The SandWing stared with what would appear, to the average dragon, a 'stupid face'.  He also looked like he tried to smile, but it seemed midway.  " scales?  I think?  But..."  he was looking down for a bit and then looked at Shatter.  "No seriously!  I was born with scales as tough as glass!  I know it doesn't sound strong, but I said tough, not thick or anything like that."

"Hm."  Shatter muttered.

"So..where are we going?"

"I know I didn't say of any place specific, but I think I'm heading towards the Kingdom of the Sea."

" your not going to tell me your name?"


"Are you sure?"


"Are you really going to pester me about it?"

"Maybe..."  He smiled mischievously.


And as he and Tumbleweed walk, not flew, to the direction of the the kingdom, he wondered why this dragon wanted to follow him, why this dragon was like this, when did he get where he was, and where he came from...Shatter had a few things in mind.  He wont be the only one, there will be more who will join me and I can sense it.  So if one question remained in his mind that day, as in what others will join...that would be...'Who?'

XUbiquitousx 10:11am-7:11pm CST 12/25/13.

Chapter 5: The Thief

"Maybe your name is Tail?"

"I can think of maybe a few reasons why my name would be as such, but if I'm wrong, tell me why you think my name would be Tail."

"Penguins have tails right?"


"So is your name Tail?"

"The only hint I'll give you is that my name is not Tail."

They have been walking for four days, and never even taken flight since.  This has confused Tumbleweed many times as they went forward.  Shatter had told him that flying would attract attention of others and laying low would keep them both hidden.  That was one reason, the other was to test Tumbleweed's patience to obey him and to continue following him.

"May I ask you a question?"  Asked Shatter.

"Okay...will it kill me?"  Joked Tumbleweed.

"I doubt it."

"Okay, go ahead."

"What did you mean by...your scales being like, 'glass?'

"Oh, forget that, sometimes I don't know what I'm saying, but not really glass, that was a bad example, hm..., more like, MudWing scales? I think. I'm very resistant to a lot of things."

"Such as...?"

"Such as, the cold, the hot, the falling from far distances, and when I do fall...I bounce!  I BOUNCE!  What fun is that?  A LOT OF FUN!  But it's really hard to bounce on sand...I'll show you later, after we find some hard surface.  It's cool!"

"So what you're telling me that you're scales are like rubber?"

"Rubber?  What's that?"

"An elastic substance, it can be found naturally in Rubber trees."

"Hmm....never heard of the way...when are we eating again?  I'M STARVING!"

"If you were starving, you would be on the floor, too weak to even move."

Shatter heard the crunching of sand behind him and saw that Tumbleweed had fallen on the sandy ground.  He was moaning in pain as he breathed slowly, and groaning.  Then he spoke very hoarsely, "I'm starving."

Shatter, without any remorse, turned around to the direction of the Kingdom of the Sea, and left him lying there.

"Wait!"  From what Shatter had heard, it sounded as if Tumbleweed had stood up and was walking back to him.  "You were going to leave me there!?"

"And why not?  As I said before, you're not my responsibility."

" have a point there."

"Could you tell me your story?  About how a SandWing like you ended up in Burn's army?"

"Hm...I was a born SandWing into the Burn army.  My mother and father were both supporters of Burn and then I came."

"And your rubber-like scales?"

"That's a mystery I am yet to uncover!"


They continued in silence, and by now, they were nearing the end of the desert.  They had shifted east after they moved south a bit to head for the Kingdom of the Sea, perhaps nearing the Diamond Spray Delta.  Shatter halted for a bit to take out his scrolls.  This one was almost nearly blank.  It was an outline of the map of Pyrrhia and with a few land mark markings.  Shatter marked more scribbles and symbols on his map according to the things he have seen.  He had other scrolls for other maps.  Like cloud patterns and area formations, wind directions and ocean currents.  If there was one thing that no one knew about him...was that he used to be a thief.

During Shatter's younger age, he was not a good dragonet at all.  His actions included: Stealing pastries from the royal kitchen, stealing furniture from bedrooms, making a mess in almost every room, and etcetera.  Of course he was disciplined many times, one of the last things he has stolen from the palace was a few scrolls pertaining to IceWings and the land and sea of Pyrrhia.  He stole it so he could use it during his time adventuring and experiencing.  He never had returned back to his home, the Noble House, only when he did enter the palace, he had given a fake name.

Shatter was a fool to reveal his status as a noble to Blaze, and he never thought that Blaze would contact the IceWing Kingdom to invite his family and even royalty to do so.  Nothing surprised him yet, nothing will, his identity revealed or his death wont startle, surprise or confuse him at all.  There was nothing Shatter wanted and nothing he hates.  He looked at Tumbleweed, who had left, and then came back with some camel for both of them to eat.  Shatter loved no one, he hated no one, he supported no one or anything at all, and his life would one day come to a halt as one who had never been known to dragon kind, but a face with many names.

After eating and writing, they both got up from their laying and went forth eastward for an adventure.  Shatter never excited and Tumbleweed being the opposite.

The terrain and atmosphere seemed to change when the ground had almost abruptly changed into and earth like ground and the air became a little more humid.  This was a lot worse than being hot and sweaty.

Shatter's plan was to go in the Diamond Spray Delta area, and maybe find a way around to the shore and head to the kingdom using some islands that were around there.  Bay of A Thousand Scales was the name of the islands around the kingdom.  He didn't want to risk going through the MudWing Kingdom or through any kingdom before going to another.

Shatter and Tumbleweed stealthily snuck though the marsh swamp and forest for a while.  Every so often, they would find some MudWing guards and MudWing citizens wondering around and patrolling, but they were never caught by them.  Finally after the star had risen to the peak of the sky since it was morning when they ate.  They decided to eat again and stop again because they thought this place seemed more secluded from the rest of the kingdom.

As they began to eat, Tumbleweed had told Shatter that he was a Private of Burn's army and that his entire squad of MudWings and SkyWings with two other SandWings had died when they were attacked by other SandWings and IceWings.  And easily forgiven, Tumbleweed is one unique character.  Tumbleweed said it was all part of war and that he doubts it was the true character and personality of them.

"War's gotten to their heads; it's just part of their orders and instinct now that it has become a habit."

"True, but how did you survive?"

"Well...we were fighting in the sky when this happened and I fell from the sky when one of my own comrades hit me, I guess, since I was a SandWing, no one attacked me because Team A, that's my team, knew me and would never attack me while, Team B, the ones we were fighting, thought I was one of them since most SandWings sided with Blaze."

"So why didn't anyone save you?"

Tumbleweed frowned; he looked down for a bit.  After an interval or two he brightened up and said, "They probably didn't notice me fall, that's all.  Whoa!  I was a poet and didn't even know it!"


There was a rustling of foliage, where in front of Shatter and Tumbleweed when they were finishing up.

A SeaWing jumped from where the rustling came from, She, a female, was a pale blue and somewhat pink on her nose.  And hearing distant sounds getting closer she turned to the sounds and then looked back at them and said, "Hide me."

Without hesitation from either dragon, they had her lie in the mud while they placed more layers on top of her.  After a quick work, they both resumed to their places as if they were still eating and talking to each other.

A few intervals later, what it seemed to be a small unit of SeaWings, appeared in front of them both while they were sitting.  The one which seemed to be the one leading the rest, spoke to them in a harsh tone saying,  "A SANDWING?  AND AN ICEWING?  What are these allies of Blaze want?  Speak!  Are you spies?"

Shatter gestured to Tumbleweed to not speak, and he spoke for them both saying, "I could say almost the same thing for the SeaWings, allied with Blister, for you are here in the land that is allies with Burn.  What are you doing here?"

"We're looking for a SeaWing, a thief, has a little pink on her nose, and wears a satchel that looks..."  He stopped, looking at Shatter's satchel, "...just like yours...mind if I take a look?"

Shatter couldn't blame this SeaWing for his suspicion, "You can, but don't touch anything."

Shatter neared close to the SeaWing while taking off his satchel.  His pace slowed down as he stood directly in front of him and opened his satchel at his own pace.  When he had done so, he gestured to the leader to look in his satchel as he began to do so.  There were only scrolls, parchment and wooden rolls.  Shatter moved them to the side so that he could see the bottom to verify to the SeaWing of the unknown position that there was nothing at the bottom.

After the pockets were checked too, Shatter closed it up and backed up.  The SeaWing leader walked to him and past him to where they hid the thief.  He looked at the mud where she was hidden under and said, "What a mess of mud, seems a little too purposely placed to me."

"Do you want to look there too?"  Asked Shatter, not a bit least fearful.

The SeaWing shook his head and turned around.

"There's nothing here, nothing but a SandWing, an IceWing, mud and..."

The SeaWing jumped back to the mud and pulled out the SeaWing thief who was now covered in mud.  Shatter pulled out a handkerchief and covered his snout with it.  "We found you at last."  The SeaWing said.  Shatter gave Tumbleweed a handkerchief to put around his snout too, and he blindly did what he wanted.  "Get these two too, for aiding the thief!"

Before his unit reached him, from under Shatter's wing, he pulled out a vial that looked like where he would have ink but instead had another substance that was white.  And very quickly, Shatter smashed the vial on a tree and a cloud of white came upon all of them.  While the SeaWings were coughing, Shatter and Tumbleweed ran toward the SeaWing thief and snatched her away from the grasp of the others.

Shatter and Tumbleweed ran away from the area and back to the desert. From there, they moved south towards the Rainforest Kingdom, and didn't go farther than a quarter talon on Shatter's map before they stopped.  Shatter and Tumbleweed, put the unconscious SeaWing down on the rough earth since they weren't much in the desert anymore.

After a moment after they had set up a little camp of theirs, the SeaWing began to get up.

"Easy now, the effect on my gas could make one very weak and drowse afterwards."  Shatter said.

"Gas?  What?"  She looked around and then at him. "Where am I?"

"You're near the Rainforest Kingdom, that's where we are headed."

"Where's my satchel?"  She looked at Shatter and then at his satchel.

"Right here."  He got her satchel from behind him and tossed it to her.

She quickly checked in her own and sighed on relief when she opened it.  But then she looked up and then asked, "So I'm guessing I'm not your prisoner?"


"Good."  She said as she stood up with wobbly legs.  Once she gained her balance, she looked at him and said, "Thank you.  What's your name by the way?"

"I'm not saying."

"Why not?  Are you scared to reveal your identity?"

"Not really."

"I'm not either.  Hi, my name is Ravine."

"Hello Ravine, the SandWing with me and I are not any threat towards anyone."

"Pfft, I know that, by the way, where is that SandWing?"

A distant sound came from the almost grassy area as Shatter saw Tumbleweed approach.  When he got there he noticed that he was carrying wood and dropped it in front of Shatter.  "We will have a fire!"

"Ravine, this is Private Rubber Scales, but I think he prefers to be called Tumbleweed."

"Nah, I think Private Rubber Scales sounds better."  Tumbleweed said.

Ravine laughed.  "Well, you're a funny bunch.  Captain Secretive and Private Rubber Scales."  She put on her satchel on and said, "Why are you going to the Rainforest Kingdom anyways?"

"ADVENTURING!"  Cried out Tumbleweed.

"So that's it?"  She said.  "Nowhere specific?"

"The IceWing says he wants to experience things."  Said Tumbleweed.

"Ha!"  Ravine said.  "So an adventure?"  "Can I come along then?  I would totally love that!  Pretty much the reason why I stole this!"  Ravine pulled out a golden bracelet.

Tumbleweed gasped, "So you're a thief!?"

"Surprised?"  She said mischievously.

"I'm not."  Shatter said, "The other SeaWing said you were."

"Ah it doesn't matter."  She said, "Now, what are we waiting for?  Let's go!"

"I'm not surprised you're so energetic about it."  Shatter said, "You've been resting the entire time we pulled you over here.  Be considerate of others if you are going to come, and I see that you can, somewhat take care of yourself since you have gotten so far from the Kingdom of the Sea, so I don't have to believe that you're not my responsibility."

"Well, I'm leaving you guys, and no one is going to stop me."  Ravine said confidently as she walked off toward the Rainforest Kingdom.

"Don't care."  Shatter said and Tumbleweed gasped at that.

Ravine stopped in her tracks as she heard what he said, "You don't care?  That's got to be a joke.  You saved my life and you said you don't care?"

"No, and besides if we weren't there, then you wouldn't have needed us to help you in which case you could have hidden easily without anyone to cause any suspicion or maybe have continued onward until they have become tired.  I only did so because it was the right thing to do, not because it was the kind thing to do."

Ravine thought about that and turned around, "You're no fun.  Rubber Scales on the other hand seems better."

Tumbleweed smiled.

Shatter laid down and took out his scrolls and ink to continue writing.

"What are you doing?"  Ravine asked.

"I mean no offense, but that's none of your concern."  Shatter said with no harsh or kind tone at all.

"Hm."  Ravine said.

When he finished he put his things back and rested on the rough ground.  He looked out and saw that the star hadn't fallen beyond the peak of the trees.  I should sleep yet, there is still more to do.  Shatter thought.

Night came when Tumbleweed made a fire using his breath on the wood he collected.  They ate their final meal for the day before Shatter came back to his spot.  Shatter had been planning his next approach to the Rainforest Kingdom and how he would get there safely and with the best time and resting stops.

"What about going to the Kingdom of the Sea?"  Tumbleweed asked Shatter.

"We can't go there, not until my gas wears off, and the guards return back to their Kingdom.  It's especially not good to go back with a thief with us."

"What was that gas anyways?"  Asked Ravine.

"It's Amnesic gas, it causes whoever smells it to forget any recent event up to an hour."  Shatter replied,  "It's a brew I came up with while studying herbs in scrolls back in home.  It took me months to perfect."

"Ah, ok." Ravine said as she and Tumbleweed laid down on both sides of Shatter while looking up at the night sky.

As he sat there, he thought about his life now with an extra follower and what the things he would see.  He also wondered about the different possibilities and how things would happen in this life.  He thought how it would turn out, how he would meet new dragons and new things, one question dominated his mind.  'How?'

XUbiquitousx 10:00am-5:37pm CST 12/26/13.

Chapter 6: Visitors or Prisoners?

Shatter had awoken from his slumber.  It was day now, and Shatter then wondered to himself, Why did we have a fire last night?...that could have attracted attention.  It was too late for that now, but at least they didn't attract attention because there weren't any traces of others nearby...or did they?

To Shatter's left, he saw Tumbleweed snoring with his jaws almost wide open with his tongue sticking out.  He was fidgeting a bit in his sleep with the tip of his right wing twitching every so often.  So Shatter thought the possibility that he was dreaming about flying.  Whether he was flying for fun or away from danger...he didn't care.

On his right, Ravine slept but a little more or a little less like Tumbleweed.  Her body was faced away from his own so he couldn't tell much about her dreams, and he didn't understand why she didn't fidget.  Has she no worries?  She's a thief, and it didn't seem that she had any guilt towards what she did.  Then Shatter rethought about this...and wondered about it.  He thought about if he had others go along with him, then he would get to know their personalities and understand others better.  This had him a little more motivated to deal with others.  He didn't work well with others, he didn't trust others, but he thought to himself that he must not worry about things he thought he could handle...then again he wasn't sure of this.

Shatter stood up from his resting spot and walked to where the fire pit was.  All the wood Tumbleweed had brought for the fire was burnt out.  Shatter couldn't dig a hole to hide the remains of the fire, for the ground was too tough and thick.  Shatter may think this would not apply for himself because of his serrated claws.  He had never dug a hole in earth before, only in the ice, but he thought that maybe now he could understand how it would feel to do so.

He dug his talons into the earth and got a firm grip.  He slowly began tearing the ground to remove the clots of dirt and earth.  He found the job to be difficult, but if he was to hide any traces, it needed to be done.

It hadn't been longer than one could have thought before he finished making a hole large enough to place the remains of the wood and fire.  He placed the remains of it in the pit and buried it with the same dirt he dug out.

Once he finished he put on his satchel he had left off the night before.  He checked in there to see if all his items were still there.  They were.  He couldn't be too paranoid about anything, especially when he had a thief traveling along with him.  He also couldn't be too suspicious about Tumbleweed.  A soldier from Burn's army that acts a little too merry to be normal.  He was to trust no one and always keep an eye on everyone, for it was who he was, an observer.

He looked back at his two sleeping companions and noticed that Ravine was holding the stolen golden bracelet she showed both of them earlier.  I should be more cautious about them...they could have killed me if I was asleep.  Maybe they would or maybe they wouldn't, or maybe they thought it wasn't time to do so.

Shatter then thought of something.  He was thinking if he should abandon them because he was thinking that they might be a burden or a weight for him on his travels to different places.  Then how would he learn the different personalities and their reactions toward events and things he would come across?  Shatter had a lot to think about in his life, and a lot to worry.  He couldn't think about going and learning so much about the world and land of Pyrrhia if he didn't have some others to share it with so he could understand their views on it and why they would have those different perspectives.

He wouldn't leave them.  No he wouldn't.  Not because he cared, but for other reasons he had that were still logical and relevant.  He searched in his satchel and took out two metallic discs.  And with high speed and great force...he slammed them together to create a loud sound, but only loud enough to be heard by his sleeping followers.

With a quick reaction, Tumbleweed and Ravine both woke up, startled.  Tumbleweed covered himself with his wings, thinking that a danger was coming to get him.  Ravine, on the other talon, took out, what it looked like, a retractable spear from underneath her and pulled it to its full length and pointed at Shatter.  Shatter didn't think it was surprising for her to react in such a way, and less for Tumbleweed's.

Tumbleweed poked his head out a bit, looked at Ravine's spear, and like her spear, he retracted his head.  Ravine had a warrior face on in which she removed almost immediately looking at Shatter.  Her faced changed not much into anger as she saw there was no danger.  She retracted her spear and put it in her satchel.  After twenty intervals, Tumbleweed poked his head out again, and looking at Ravine without her spear, got out from his defensive position and stood up properly looking a little better.

"What...was...that!?"  Asked Ravine as she calmed down from all of that.

"If you are to continue with me,"  Shatter said, "You will have to start living by my rules."

"Yeah...and they are?"  Ravine asked, a bit irritated.

"A work in progress, but for now, you have to wake everyday and when I wake you.  And you have to listen to everything I say."  Shatter replied.

"Maybe I picked the wrong dragons to hang around with."  Ravine said.

"Maybe you did, but it's your choice to stay or not."

"Can we have breakfast now?"  Asked Tumbleweed.

"You can get something for us Rubber Scales, me and Captain Secretive have things to talk about."

"Okay!"  And with that Tumbleweed went off.

"Okay.  We need to talk about your history now.  You said that you made a brew from herbs that took you months to perfect, right?"

"That would be correct?"

"Where do you get the herbs from?  You lived in the far north if you're an IceWing right?  How do plants grow there?"

Shatter took his time to remember about a few things before he responded, "Land isn't the only thing Queen Glacier wants, she also wants herbs in exchange for her army too.  Herbs to help any of her sick or injured subjects and she could use that also for foods too in her royal court, etcetera, etcetera."

"How do you get access to the herbs then?"  She pestered.

"They are found in local stores, not only in her palace."  Though it was true, Ravine did not know that he evaded the question, for he did not answer her question, but rather stated a fact about the herbs that would make it seem like he answered it.  Where Shatter really got the herbs from was from the palace, because he was raised from there.

"Okay..."  Ravine said, "Going back to now...why should you be in charge?  I have just as much capability, if not more to lead a group of three."

"You can lead if you want, as I said, you're not my responsibility, do what you please."

"Then why have rules for us then?"

"So you won't get in my way."

"So are we bother?"

"Maybe not yet."

"I'm pretty much older than you, according to how old you look like, seven or so, I'm eight and four months.  I've had more experience with other dragons while you have had less."

"That is true."


"You can lead...and if you still think you are capable, you can continue to be the leader."

"Are you serious?"  Ravine didn't look convinced.

"Yes, but I'm deciding where we're going."

"Then I would be leading much would I?"

"You would be leading us where I tell you to go."

"Alright."  She said smiling, "How could I turn down such a kind and generous offer?"

Shatter didn't feel like he was defeated, he wanted to see how well she could handle things in unexpected situations.  This was her test, but the only way she could if she accepts defeat.

Tumbleweed came back with three pigs.  "I have marvelously come back with pigs for all!"  He said.

"There's no need to fear anymore Tumbles, I'm going to be leading now."

"Really?  What about Friend?"  'Friend' was what it seemed to be the name Tumbleweed adopted for Shatter.

"'Friend' here agrees that I can be the leader if I am capable, which I am."

"Oh great!"  He cheered.

"All hail our new leader Ravine."  Tumbleweed said with a laugh but serious about it.

"As leader, I say we continue to the Rainforest Kingdom, and we go for an adventure!"

"Yeah!"  Cheered Tumbleweed.

For the next two ultra intervals (each ultra interval is equivalent to half an hour.), they headed south, flying, without stopping, until they arrived at the border of the kingdom.  Ravine took a deep breath, then she exhaled and spoke with power, "Smell that?  That's the rainforest air!  And we are about to enter an uncharted biome, to detail."

Shatter could just see excitement radiating from Tumbleweed and eagerness from the thief.  He wondered himself about the mysterious within the strange place he and many others have never been to before.  He didn't get excited about it though, that's what made him different from the rest.

Ravine and the others, now on the ground, walked into the forest without having a single plan in mind, except for Shatter, who was developing it as they went deeper and deeper in.  They went very deep indeed before Tumbleweed began to tire and complain about how his legs were exhausted and that he wanted to take a break.

"Come on!  Do real adventurers tire when they're out with their adventures?"  Ravine said, taunting Tumbleweed.

"Well this adventurer is pooped."  Tumbleweed said.

"How will they hear it in the stories?  The tired SandWing could no longer take it before he fell and started to cry about his legs?  Is that how you want to be seen as?  A weakling?"

Tumbleweed seemed to receive about half the energy he had that morning back as he stood up and said, "No!  I AM AN ADVENTURER!"

"Keep the volume down.  You might attract unwanted attention."  Shatter stated.

"You worry to much, besides, you should always listen to the leader, the leader knows what's best for all."  She said, obviously trying to annoy him, but tit would take a lot more that that to do so.

I wasn't much longer after two intervals when Shatter heard a zip, Ravine stumbled to the ground and then disappeared.

"She's disappeared!  She's magic!  All hail Ravine!"

"I don't think she did that on purpose."  Shatter said.


Another zip sound came by and struck Tumbleweed, whatever zipped by, it seemed to have struck Tumbleweed, who was not much farther than a few paces from him.  It also seemed to have bounced off from him, perhaps due to his rubber-like scales.  It fell to the forest floor and Shatter looked at it.  And as he went to pick it up, another came and zipped by his head and hit Tumbleweed again and then bounced off.

Shatter looked at what had hit him.  Shatter found that it seemed to be like some sort of dart with a fluid at the tip of it.  He had read about a few things about how there were some animals that had poison on them, and plants that had other properties that could make one fall asleep.  He wasn't sure whether if it was tipped by the former or latter, but he was leaning towards the latter because there was something about lazy RainWings and nothing about any other intelligent species that could develop a dart to use as a projectile.  And there was nothing about making the affected turn invisible, so there was probably the chance that it was tipped with something not too dangerous.

His thoughts hadn't lasted more than two intervals before Tumbleweed fell over, revealing about a hundred of darts on his back, obviously someone tried very hard to get under his scales (no pun intended...or was there?).

It didn't take long before Shatter was struck with one too.  I allowed it, after all I would have moved or have entered the Rainforest with a different approach.  Now Shatter was getting drowse, yet it took him longer than the others to do so, he studied with herbs and had developed some resistance around them.  Though they weren't entirely resistant and Shatter took his last few moments awake, thinking about this experience and his satchel before falling into the ground and being engulfed by darkness.

XUbiquitousx 7:20pm-11:23pm CST 12/29/13

Shatter woke slowly.  He was in a room of some sort, the walls seemed to be made out of sticks and maybe logs, while also the ceiling was made of leaves.  The ground he laid upon was not solid or stable, it felt a little loose, and could easily be broken.  Unfortunately the ground he laid upon was about quite a few dragon lengths high.

As he lifted his head off the ground he realized that his jaws were bound by leaves and vines as well as his legs.  He looked over at Tumbleweed who seemed to be attempting to talk through his own vines he was bound with.  Ravine was the only one who didn't have any bindings on her snout, even though she did have bindings on her legs.  Perhaps because she had no breath of any kind to harm one.  She was still bound, in case she tried to unbind Shatter or Tumbleweed..

He looked up and saw a the leaving above glowing through the ceiling because of the light coming from the star above.  He didn't think they would be leaving this place soon.  From what Shatter could gather, he was probably in the heart of the Rainforest Kingdom, or somewhere farther away if who ever had imprisoned them thought they were going to be a threat in the kingdom.

"IceWing, hey IceWing, glad you're awake.  Can't speak huh?  Well you are quiet after all, sometimes, I think."  Ravine said.

Shatter looked around, ignoring her, he wasn't mad at her, he just wanted her to know how it feels to be the one responsible of the others.  He stared to what seemed to be the exit of the room and he wondered why she hadn't escaped or done something to get out of her bindings.  Then he had to explain Ravine's sudden disappearance.  Maybe it was the same as his own.  He remembered being touched by another dragon as if it was going to carry him as he fell asleep.  Maybe the same thing happened to Ravine as she disappeared.  Hallucinations?  Shatter didn't think so, or perhaps it was something about the inhabitants that no scroll contained any information on.

This was the part where when Shatter had not enough information to do anything.  Whenever Shatter thought there wasn't enough to make any predictions on or anything, he would sit back into torpor mode and wait.  He had never done it before in a situation like this, and it probably wasn't the smartest idea, but it was his only thing he had.

Shatter closed his eyes and let his wind wonder.  When his mind was relaxed and his eyes were closed his senses became enhanced, and he could 'see' things better with more detail than his eyes could give him.  His mind went toward the direction of Tumbleweed, his eyes only saw Tumbleweed fidgeting, but now he could see him to much more.  Tumbleweed was trying to slip out of his binds through his movements while he seemed to be weakening the ground below him.  That's his problem.  Going to Ravine, he heard her mumbling, but now he heard her complaining about how she didn't have her spear and bracelet which was in her satchel.  Too bad so sad.  Shatter thought.  He guess it was taken from her just like his satchel was taken from him.  He didn't want to make a big deal about it, and he had a plan in his mind that should get him and his companions out of the binds.

Shatter plan was to wait.  If Tumbleweed continued what he was doing he would fall and plummet to the ground, and if he was luckier, then he would be saved before he hit the ground.  However it went, it was going to attract attention and get some dragon here.

Unfortunately, Tumbleweed stopped when he heard the ground start to break.  Which means that they would have to wait longer until someone arrives.  Tumbleweed grew tired very early and fell asleep during there time here.  Ravine didn't have any plans but seemed to fidget too and find a way out of her binds.

If Shatter had any humor, he would be laughing under his binds when the next event occurred.  It seemed that Tumbleweed's weight was great enough to break through the floor of the room and fall through.  Tumbleweed tried to scream through his closed mouth.  Sadly, no one came in time to rescue Rubber Scales when he hit the ground.  Yet, fortunately, as Tumbleweed had said, his Rubber Scales absorbed his shock impact when he landed on the rainforest floor.

Though it didn't take long before a dragon and some others following to notice Tumbleweed.  What it seemed to be a blue dragon, yelled at Tumbleweed's fallen body as she and a brown dragon helped to pick him up back to canopy of the rainforest.

Tumbleweed entered through the entrance of the room and was pushed between Ravine and Shatter but away from the hole in which he fell through.  Now Shatter had someone here.  Maybe he could reason with them, they didn't look older than he, and he wondered how they would react to strangers in their place.

XUbiquitousx 11:51am-1:41pm CST 12/30/13

The dragon, from what Shatter thought, was a SeaWing.  She looked disgustedly at all three of the dragons before she looked directly at Ravine.  From what he could gather based on the was perhaps because they were both of the same race.  She walked towards her and her face seemed to change a bit.  Pity the one of your race...but you may not know her true nature.  Shatter thought.

"Hello,"  She said, "who's the leader of this group?"

This is getting interesting...Shatter wondered what her reply would be.  Whether she had given up being leader already and wanted to have Shatter to be again, or perhaps she still want to prove herself.  Either way it would be an idiosyncrasy for her personality.  It looked like, but vaguely, that she was trying to think about it too.

"I am, of course!"  She said with resilience from her state of pondering.  Now Shatter learned something about her...she was stubborn.  But quite and such actions could be one's downfall if not controlled well.  Ravine looked over towards he and Tumbleweed, gestured towards their direction and said, "Them two are my followers, this little group has been strong since we had first met years ago."   A liar too'.  There is more and more of this dragon that I keep learning.

The other blue dragon looked at them as Shatter kept his unwavering expression and Tumbleweed fidgeting.  She later said, "Why are you here?  What is your purpose for coming to the Rainforest Kingdom!"  She demanded.

"To experience the exuberance and thrill of an adventure!  Why else young dragon?"  Ravine said to the, perhaps, two years younger dragon than herself.

The SeaWing seemed too be unconvinced, especially with seeing others with other dragons that have a breath of some sort.  She couldn't be one couldn't.  Shatter saw as the SeaWing went outside to speak with the brown, MudWing, dragon and other RainWings.  Shatter rested again and began to listen to the conversation that was happening...

"...but doesn't mean they mean any harm."  Shatter heard the MudWings say.

"And you believe that?  The moment we let them free they're going to wreak havoc on everyone in the Kingdom...the IceWing and SandWing especially."

"What if they don't?  I mean...well maybe...but we can't all be certain."

"Hrmph!  You have a point, but I can't take any chances...we'll ask one more dragon if it helps...but the other two both have dangerous breath."

"Maybe the spreads..but frost doesn't right?"  Spoke up another dragon.

"That's right!"  The MudWing said, "Glad you remember what Sunny taught you Tamarin."

"Alright...but if you or I see any signs of him using his breath...we kill him."

The MudWing didn't reply after that before he, Tamarin and the SeaWing came back into the room.  The SeaWing approached him and whispered in his ear, "Try anything...and you die."  Shatter wasn't scared, not because he was a brave dragon...but because fear manipulated and altered the mind.  And with that, she cut the vines that she had on his jaws.  Shatter moved his jaw around to get used to it being open again.  Shatter also wasn't really much to begin conversations unless necessary, so he waited for them to say something.

"Tell us more about you, where you come from and what are your names?!"  The SeaWing said.

Shatter looked at her for a moment wondering how he should approach this.  Once he had it he said, pointing at Tumbleweed and Ravine, "Their names are Tumbleweed and Ravine, I guess you can be smart enough to figure out which is which, as for me...I shall not give unto you any sort of name for you to call me."

The SeaWing looked annoyed, "Tell us or we kill you."

"Kill me and you shall be killing a dragon in vain.  Unless you feel to be a murderous type."

The SeaWing lunged at him, but was stopped by the MudWing as he forced her down.  "We can't kill him," he said, "Whether he's good or bad, he's right...we can't kill him in cold blood."

"Him being an IceWing...I'm pretty sure he has cold blood."  She said.

The MudWing went in front of her to Shatter, "Sorry if we have offended you in any way we just want to know this stuff or Queen Glory might have your heads."

Shatter sighed, "I will not give my name for various reasons I shall not name...but I will tell you this...only if you hold your word to let me go, for as I promise to not harm you or anyone."

"Oh, then that's--" He was stopped by the SeaWing.

XUbiquitousx 4:15pm-7:00pm CST 1/9/14

"Wait!  You actually trust him on it?  The moment we let him go, he and his friends are going to attack us!"

"These aren't my friends,"  Shatter said, "they are my personal torture devices and ball and chain to me."

"Humorous much?"  She asked.

"Metaphorically speaking, but a metaphor overall."

The dragons took a little more time outside to talk while Shatter decided not to eavesdrop on their conversation.  "How are you doing Tumbs?"  Ask Shatter.  It wasn't because he was concerned rather he doesn't like to have dragons panicking around him.

"Mrmph."  He strangely smiled and then nodded.

"How about you thief?"

"Is that how you're going to call me then?"  She asked bitterly.

"Perhaps, maybe not always.  But a reputation should not be negatively altered for your benefits.  Not good for your own future and consistencies."

"Hey!"   She whispered loudly, "I'm trying not to get us killed."

"You don't have to listen to me anymore than I have to listen to you.  If we leave this place...I'm departing and going by myself."

"If we leave?  We are going to leave!  Trust me; I know how to convince others to get mw what I want.  We are leaving."

Shatter laid his head back against the vine and natural walls of the prison they resided in.  He heard the dragons coming back to them and Tamarin spoke to them saying, "The queen will decide what to do with you."

"If it is not rude to ask, may I say, will you return to us the things in which you have confiscated?"

Shatter's manner of speaking annoyed the blue dragon but she forcefully calmed herself before saying, "I don't think you or your SandWing 'friend' would be getting the spear back anytime soon."

Shatter pointed to Ravine, not accusingly, but to give a hint towards the spear.  The SeaWing looked at her in bewilderment as she tried to process that one of her own was armed rather than one who was not her kind.  Shatter suspected that there wasn't going to be an argument, and the SeaWing turned to him and said.  "Why do you have scrolls with you?"

"Two things.  Why not?  and does it matter, for it is not hurting anyone."

With that the dragons unbound them, but he knew they were still prisoners and were perhaps being taken to the queen.  The SeaWing told them that if they do anything that does the Kingdom or an individual harm..then she would kill them all.  And as Shatter, Ravine, and Tumbleweed were being taken up to the queen he wondered to himself, As I live and breathe, there shall not be one soul that will be in my talons.  For he never wanted to be caught doing a bad deed.  Soon he would have his scrolls, soon he will be free.  Now...he must face the queen.

XUbiquitousx 7:00am-7:10am; 7:30am-8:22amCST 1/10/14

All jaws were now bound while they were brought before the queen.  Their eyes were covered too so they couldn't see where they were going or to what direction the queen was.  He felt himself decend somewhere quite a distance where they had come from.  He was pushed forward as he heard voices and gasps of many dragons.  He heard the muffles of Tumbleweed and Ravine to his right when they got deeper within the place.

He was stopped in a special spot where he believed that the queen was in front of him.  She didn't make any sounds but she must have made a gesture because it had quieted down.  A moment later he heard a sound to his far right of steps.

He then heard the SeaWing say, "These dragons were found just outside of the Kingdom, it seems too suspicious when they are all from different tribes...unless the SandWing might be of Blaze's army."

"Mrmph, mrm ermph."  What it seemed to have been the muffles of Tumbleweed.

"Untie the SeaWing...I want to hear her."  The queen said.

XUbiquitousx 6:20pm-7:07pm CST 1/17/14

Chapter 7: What? (The Shortest Chapter)

Shatter doesn't remember what happened after that.  His eyes were closed and he heard the sound of Tumbles snoring next to him.  He wasn't tied, not anymore.  He wasn't in the Kingdom, but he was still in the Rainforest.  Ravine had their stuff next to her as he got up and saw her sitting on a log.  And there was a moment of silence before she spoke.

"Good morning."

Shatter's first word that day was, "What?"

"How'd you sleep?"


"Oh, and I got our stuff ba-."

Shatter silenced her with a gesture of his talons, "What...just...happened?"


"We were just in there," pointing somewhere random to mean the kingdom, "then the Queen was going to have you unbound...and then I wake up here."

"Oh...well...a lot of stuff happened really."

Shatter looked at her for a moment before saying, "That's it, I'm leaving."

"But Tumbles hasn't woken up yet!"

"I'm leaving by myself, this was my adventure...and it will continue to be so."

Shatter took his stuff and began to walk away from them, left from the rising star.

XUbiquitousx 1:00pm-1:23pm CST 1/28/14

Chapter 8: Surprise, Now Die.

(Before I begin let me just say that I'm sorry I didn't update this in almost an entire month.  Not that many people care about it but I had so much to do and since writing is my passion, I'll continue to relieve the stress I have.  I think this one might be an interesting one, or maybe not, oh well, without further ado, I present Chapter 8.)

Shatter had already left the group of both Tumbleweed and Ravine.  He no longer had a bother to his travels or a being that ruined plans he had, not that any of his plans failed...he didn't have any plans.  Actually, Shatter used to have plans, on his cave wall before he left, but being oh so forgetful, he didn't remember if he erased that wall of his.  Shatter supposed for the worse and that some one found his plans and would begin track him.  Luckily, he barely remembered what was on the wall, all except for one word.  Why.

He opened his satchel and took out Carmine, his cloak was barely a robe, it was just that he had forgotten the word that went for it, but he would forget this time, cloak.  He put it on as he saw the last of the rainforest trees becoming less dense.  He could only identify a few of the foalige, one being teak and another was probably a fig.  He thought it would have been best for his to have brought the scroll of Herbs and Vegetation across Pyrrhia.

He went forward a bit until he saw a trail on the ground.  He guessed it was one made by travelers or couriers with supplies or maybe even troops trying to stay low so that they might not be spotted.  It wasn't a new trail, and nor was it old, it wasn't the prettiest or best of paths to take, but it was one he was willing to follow.  He took his path that led him north, and hopefully he would arrive at the Sky Kingdom to continue on his quest to (make everyone's lives a living...) learn about the different tribes and about the different things he would see.

He was already walking and marching through the rough earth northward.  If he judged this correctly, he would arrive at the Kingdom in about two days, and that would include stops for rest, meals, and sleep.  It didn't take long before he saw a lone MudWing on the trail next to a broken wagon full of food.  And according to the position and what way it was facing, it seemed to be heading to the Mud Kingdom, and wasn't too far from there.

As he neared the MudWing, who was male, the MudWing turned, say him, and jumped back saying, "Please don't hurt me, take my things, but just leave me be!"

"Relax," Shatter said, "I'm not the type to hurt others, unless I feel threatened with supporting evidence that my opponent is going to take my life or agency, then I wouldn't hesitate to do so."

The MudWing calmed himself, a little too quickly, and said, "I've been so stressed lately, my sibs are hungry so I went to find and scavenge food for them, but, as you see," he gestured to his wagon, "my means of transportation has fallen, and I fear for my sibs."

Shatter may not have had any care throughout his new life, but he wasn't a bad person, he asked the MudWing, "Could I assist you then?"

The MudWing, that was looking down in low hopes, looked up in a newer and higher one, saying, "Would you really?  I don't want to trouble you or anything, but..."

Shatter lifted a talon to shush him, "I'll help, it's my decision."

Shatter went to the wagon and lifted it to find that the wheel was broken.

"I think I have some adhesive in my satchel, if I could just get it and put it back, it just might work."  Shatter said.

"Thank you kindly IceWing."  The MudWing said, "My family would be most grateful for your help."

Shatter stopped.


Shatter remembered.  MudWings don't do families, they have sibs instead, it was in a scroll he had read in his home so many years ago.  Shatter new it wasn't just an accident or a mistake, it was more than that.  A true MudWing would have the habit of saying sibs rather than family, and especially for a MudWing at his age, he should know better.

Shatter put the wheel down before he look beyond that and saw that there, in the ground and area, rose many hiding MudWings, popping out to surround Shatter.  And Shatter knew, that this was an ambush.

He looked around slowly as the last of the MudWings encircled him.  Now he was stuck.  The MudWing who acted as the lonely traveler walked to Shatter and said, "Surprise, now die."  Shatter reached to his wings to pull out one of his Amnesic Gas when he realized that there were none to be found in there.  Then he remembered one of Ravine's last words to him, Oh...well...a lot of stuff happened really.  And he understood, she had stolen them from him to make a get away and everyone had forgotten about them ever coming.  And then the acting lone MudWing came to him and said, "Surprise, now die."  The MudWings were about to fight take his life when he said;

"Are you brutes?  Barbarians?  I'm not threat to you, I'm not defending myself or scared to even face against you?  Where do you MudWings come from?  And may I go, as your prisoner, to see your leader about this?"

The MudWings were shocked, none seemed swayed, not yet, the lone MudWing spoke to him, face to face, saying, "I thought you were going to hurt me if you felt your life was threatened?"

"I don't feel it threatened, I know you don't want to fight, for the risk of your fellow beings' lives."

The MudWing smiled.  "Take him, bind him, and bring him forth unto the Chieftain so that she can decide what to do with him."

And with that, they bound him there and took him westward.

XUbiquitousx 6:28pm-7:41pm CST 2/27/14

Chapter 9: The Best Thing Since the Day of Departure

He was blindfolded, again, and he was felt he was being push rather than guided, and no surprise there.  He was walking with them for about 300 intervals, in which Shatter thought was a high number to count to, so he decided after he would leave or escape the MudWings, he would make himself some new time to use.  If he ever got away.

He felt himself go down and down into somewhere where he was being pushed.  Through the band he wore, the lighting began to change and he saw gray stone rather than the pale yellow sand.  He supposed he was in a cave that led to the MudWings' secret base.

XUbiquitousx 9:09pm-9:25pm CST 3/25/14

He must have been knocked out again because he felt his eye fly open without the band on.  He wasn't even muzzled, but he did have bands of rope that ties his front talons together.  He took his time to stand correctly and saw that he was nowhere, or where he was, was different than where he was first taken as prisoner by the MudWings.  The walls were made from stone while some torches hung on some sconces that seemed to be quite abundant around the area.  There, around, he was many MudWings surrounding the perimeter of the walls, some held spears while others were without any arms at all.

Directly in front of him, sat, on a a seat of furs, perhaps, the most beautiful MudWing he had ever seen, and then again, one of the fewest MudWings he had seen.  Though he did find her quite beautiful, he wasn't even the slightest entranced as the MudWings most of the male MudWings in the room were, and there were two.  Four of them were female, not including the one that was in front of him.

He didn't notice until a voice spoke that there was another male in the room.  Right behind him.

"Chieftain Saxony," the voice behind him said, which seemed to be the voice of the lone MudWing that he met on the road towards the SkyWing Kingdom, "we found this IceWing who refused to be killed and looted."

Looters, huh?  Shatter guess that they were either outcasts or MudWings who purposely left their tribe due to their disdain towards the kingdom's society.  He saw the chieftain look at him, inspecting him for anything that may be suspicious.

She looked back at the MudWing and said, "How many casualties were there?"


"Casualties.  How many died by his talons?"  She looked at him again, "or breath for that matter."

"None great Chieftain."

"So why didn't you follow the procedures?  Kill and loot."

He fiddled with his talons for a bit before answering, saying, "By the Code of the Clan, we can't kill anyone refusing to fight, unless necessary, or anyone who is not part of the war."

"He didn't retaliate?"


"And what makes you think he's not part of the war?"

"He spoke and called us being like barbarians and brutes.  As well, the average dragon we come across usually does fight back to get away."

Shatter tuned out of their conversation after that.  He didn't seem to have his satchel with him anymore and he guess that they confiscated his belongings.  He thought it would be best not to talk about his things until they mentioned it or he felt that they forgot about it.  One guard fell asleep while the other one right next to her poked her awake and mumbling some words which probably were to not to sleep on the job.  Shatter saw only two exits to the room they were in, and thought that perhaps there was a hidden one in case these dragon had an infiltration.  There were some forms of artistic work of clay statues and stone as well, one piece of tapestry was found hanging on the stone walls to lighten up the dark mood in the cave.


Shatter turned and looked at the lone MudWing.

"What's your name?"

He was not going to tell him or lie.

"Some name I will never mention."

"Refusal to do what we ask could end in your death.  Why won't you say?"

"Perhaps the same reason as for you.  To keep a low profile and not to be known and identified by the outside would and cause any sort of influence.  It also ensures my safety."  Then he thought about now, "sometimes."

The Chieftain looked at the MudWing and said, "Mulard, bring his items of possessions."

"As you speak chieftain."  Mulard bowed and walked a few steps to the left and picked up Shatter's satchel.  He took it back in front of the Chieftain and let her inspect through it.  Although Shatter thought looking through other's things was rude, he didn't mind that she was looking, as long as all his possessions were returned.

"Only scrolls, parchment, and vials of ink."  The Chieftain said.

Shatter guessed right when he thought they wouldn't find this secret...

"Hey," Mulard said, "is this a secret compartment?"

I guess they did.

The expressions on the MudWings faces in the room were practically the most humorous one could have ever witnessed, if Shatter wasn't Shatter, he would have laughed.  Mulard pulled out nearly a talon-full of gems and precious stones with his jaw hanging wide open.

"We can buy ourselves food for a year!"  He said.

"Not necessarily."  Shatter spoke.

The Chieftain looked down at him, not in anger, but of curiosity.  "Why not?"

"MudWings in their kingdom don't even have a good economy and little can possess this sort of wealth, if you brought this into any kingdom you go...then they'll suspect something, and you'll put the dragons here in danger.  Then when you are arrested and I escape, I will be laughing all the way back to my kingdom yelling 'victory.'"

Chieftain Saxony looked at him baffled and asked, "You will?"

Shatter shook his head, "No, what kind of fool do you take me for?"

And that placed him in a nice spot in one of the prisons of the MudWing clan.

"Well," he said as he began his sarcasm, "this has to be the best thing since the day of my departure."

XUbiquitousx 3:29pm-5:04pm CST 3/26/14

Shatter woke from a sound he heard from his prison room.  The room he was in was naturally dark, there was absolutely no light, at all.  He remembered being stuffed in a room of stone and then had a boulder close his only entrance and source of light.  He felt he had been there for hours, and he didn't want to stand because it wouldn't do him any good in the situation, so he slept to pass the time.

He heard the boulder, that closed him in, open and two MudWing guards came up to him and said, "The Chieftains decided that you being here is for the Chief's concern.  Stand up and come with us."

Shatter got up and walked with them towards the different tunnels they had traveled through to get to the Chief.  Once they arrived Shatter made a quick observation to not arouse much suspicion that he was or is some sort of spy.  He saw a fire in the middle of the large room, paintings on the wall, elegant and fine wear, an abundant amount of MudWings.

There, in the center of the room, sat an aged MudWing Chief that had a posture of power and wore fine wears.  Shatter was brought to a much longer distance away from the the Chief than he was with Chieftain Saxony.  She looked down on him with much authority and Shatter wondered how all this would turn out.

XUbiquitousx 6:24pm-6:47pm CST 3/29/14

Shatter didn't look at the Chief in the eyes.  He didn't know the culture of these MudWings, whether looking in the eyes was a sign of respect or disrespect.  He took a moment to see what he could gather by looking down, but there wasn't much he could get from there, except that the floor was covered in soft carpets that were more than likely stolen from passing dragons.

There was much talking in the area, and much dragons for it too.  It would be odd to have a foreign dragon come up into your home all of a sudden with no sort of explanation.  It wasn't too loud, but the room wasn't big enough to make the echos bounce somewhere different rather than overlapping their voices.

There was soon silence in the place and Shatter assumed that she must have given a signal to stop or a dragon of importance must have entered.  Either way, the Chief spoke to everyone in a loud voice, making sure everyone heard, saying, "MudWings, this IceWing has come before us to have his fate decided by the Chief and Chieftains of the Hidden MudWing Society!"

More murmurs came about but was cut short when she said, "The votes had already been decided and shall be spoken out loud so that the entire clan knows of the fate he has, silence is required before during and after the results and no one is to complain with any of the results that come about."

The Chief is handed a scroll by a MudWing adviser next to her.  She opens the scroll and reads the following, "Results of the Fate of the Anonymous IceWing is decided.  Chieftain Alftamore nominated his fate to be: Death.  Chieftain Gizanan nominated his fate to be: Death."

It did not look good for Shatter.  If he recalled correctly, there were three MudWing Chieftains, and one Chief to decide.  And he guessed the best way it could end would be in a tie.

"Chieftain Saxony nominated his fate to be: Life."

Well Shatter guessed that was a fourth of the dragons that nominated him to live so far and that it was up to the Chief, in whose full name was never mentioned, to decide if he would die, or that his fate was undecided.  Shatter thought of the possibilities of his death and extinction, and he guessed they were pretty high.  Well since he guessed these were his final moments in time and in life he reflected on everything he has done, since he left home, to where he knelt at that moment.  He regretted nothing, though those scrolls he wrote in had a lot of history, it did not matter to him.

"Finally, Chief of the Hidden MudWing Society nominated his fate to be: Life."

Everyone remained silent as the Chief commanded.  The Chief leaned to his ear, and he could feel her hot breath, and said to him, "Just so you know...the Chief's vote counts for two, so that there won't be any ties."

Shatter guessed that made sense, the Chief commanded him to rise and have the other dragons leave, in fact, so much that the only ones left were two guards, the Chief and Chieftain Saxony.

The Chief looked at Shatter and told him, "You'll do what I ask you or you'll die in this very room if you do not."

Shatter shrugged.

"You are an adventurer are you not?"

"Somewhat, though I consider myself to be mainly an explorer."

"Then you'll do this.  Since Saxony was a little dragonet, she had always wanted to see the world of excitement and adventure.  She was never able to get out much because of her fear of being alone in the world.  Being the decider of your fate, I command that you take Saxony on your travels for her sake.  All dragons leave home some day, and plus..."

She whispered in her ear, "Plus, she's not even close to be worthy to be the next Chief."

And with one phrase Shatter concluded his time there and to go continue on his exploration by saying, "Are you kidding me?"

XUbiquitousx 4:58pm-5:56pm CST 3/31/14

It has been only one day since he had left Tumbles and Ravine in the Rainforest and Shatter had already, and forcefully got another companion to venture along with him.  He wasn't annoyed, he just believed that going by himself would be better because there would be no distractions or attention that would get him caught and would hinder his motives he has to explore the world and gain knowledge and experience.  Trying to shoo Saxony off or trying to lose her would only get him in trouble and end the one life he has.

They've been walking north for a long time and Saxony was getting a little bored confused and felt awkward when they haven't spoken once in 4 ultra intervals, which she must have found a little irritating when signs or her strange walking showed in her movements.  Shatter was thinking that maybe she would leave by herself due to the little conversation and interaction and he wouldn't bother or get in his way anymore.

By the looks of the geography Shatter guessed he wasn't that far from the Sky Kingdom.  He guessed that it would be a little over an ultra interval before he would see the Kingdom at a distance.  The star in the sky was about half way up between sunrise and midday and he guessed that it wouldn't hurt him to take a little break from his walking and go eat something that was in his satchel.  Shatter then, without saying a word, turned to where there was a small bit a tree shading and sat on a rock.

Shatter may have been mostly, if not entirely emotionless, but he wasn't unkind, he gave Saxony some frozen goat leg and then he ate the one he had.  Saxony looked at the goat leg and then at Shatter before saying, "Um, I don't eat frozen things."  Shatter looked back at her, thinking that she should have been smarter than that.  He got up from his rock, and before passing her up to continued walking north he replied back.

"If you don't want it frozen, then just breathe fire on it.  I made it cold to preserve it and so it wont spoil."

Saxony looked down a bit but shamefully replied, "I would, but..."  and she closed her eyes, "I don't have any fire."

Shatter looked back at her and muttered a "Hm."  But that was it.

"I don't know if I can breathe fire or not really, it's just that I don't know how to."

He looked at her for a bit before moving again and saying, "Guess you'll have to eat it raw."

Saxony was confused a bit and ran to him to catch up, "You're not even concerned, worried, or even startled?  Anything?"


"Why not?"  She asked.

"Emotion slows me down."

"Slows you down how?"

"Keeps me from doing the things that are most important."

"And what is important?"

There was a long pause of two intervals before he said in a low voice that she barely caught, "Life."

Their walk towards the SkyWing Kingdom probably couldn't get any more depressing than that moment in that day they had.  And after moment's time, the Kingdom came into view.  A huge castle or palace resided in the center of the place and much fire was lit on torches and tiny images of SkyWings flew by and by across the image they were seeing.  Saxony looked awed at the sight but Shatter remained in his stoic self.

Saxony must have thought the same thing Shatter knew from the beginning and asked, "Wait!  You're an IceWing...wont they arrest you or kill you for possibly being a spy or just for being an IceWing?"  Shatter knew she was right, but that has been on his mind since he first decided to go there and he couldn't think of any possible solution for it.  Then he turned and looked at Saxony, and got an idea.

"If you want to contribute to this 'group' I'll give you your first assignment...find me a good way into the Sky Kingdom."

XUbiquitousx 3:32pm-4:36pm CST 4/11/14

Chapter 10: Into the Kingdom

There was no pause.  Saxony was automatically upset and very fearful of this demand he had and Shatter could see it.  She ranted on about how she did not want to risk sneaking into the place to, spectate the area and do absolutely nothing to get any riches they had or so even bring back anything.  She thought his plan and idea of "experience" was the worst she had ever heard.  And for a moment, she flew to a distance away from his until she came to a boulder in which she sat upon.

Shatter didn't care.  If she wouldn't do anything then maybe she would leave by herself and return to her home where she can spend years being ignorant about the lack of chances she has to become Chief of the Hidden MudWing Society.  Shatter looked towards the high attitudinal space there was that was ambient to him.  He studied the kingdom from afar, and remaining aloof from the visual sight of any dragons that might see him.  He noticed that there wasn't much activity anymore than there was before.  It was also getting dark so he supposed it would be the best time to sneak in.

He turned back to Saxony who looked angrily at the ground.  He highly supposed she was mad at him, her mother, of the fear she had within her.  He did not want to approach her, based on some books he read about Dragon Interactions.  So from a distance he called out to her and asked, "Does you mother really want you back?  After, her, directly sending you, the last thing she wants is to see you come back without accomplishing anything.  Whether you come up with a plan or not, it's best for you to help carry mine out."

She got up and walked towards him, pointing at the kingdom she said, "They're having a party over there, I heard it was made because Ruby was made queen recently.  Though rumor goes that she's still alive."  She thought for a moment and then continued, "Near the place is a small 'river' where most of the sewage comes out from.  We'll have to break through the gratings there, unless it already been done, which I highly believe so because some drunken MudWing I spoke to said that he should get it fixed, which drunk people almost never do what they say."

Shatter looked a moment over there and said, "You know these things well do you?  Perhaps more than the denizens of the kingdom."

She shrugged, then saying, "I don't see how you'll blend in with the crowd, being that the IceWings are the enemies here."

"I can't believe everyone forgot what this war was about.  It's not tribe against tribe, it's sister against sister against sister.  Besides, I have a plan."

"And do you think you can pull your plan off."

"I've been living alone for a long time, I know it'll work."

XUbiquitousx 8:23pm-9:20pm CST 5/1/14

Chapter 11: Infiltration

In the morning of their infiltration, the IceWing woke up early as a bird for this. He knew there were less susceptible guards to the influence of sleep. For Shatter, this meant for a perfect opportunity to enter into the kingdom unnoticed. He knew that waiting any later could increase their possibility in being captured or seen by patrol guards at the perimeter. The radiant light hasn't even come out from the horizon, which means there was little light for anyone to go by, not to dark and not to bright, and this would last for about two or less ultra intervals.

If this was his chance what was taking him so long? He noticed Saxony hadn't woken up from her slumber. Thinking for the best way to make her up, he said, "We're under attack."

She didn't move, and Shatter guessed that his monotone didn't put much urgency in his voice. So deciding a new way to get her up her mustered up a little power in his throat and began to breath his cold, frosty breath on her. He noticed her shiver herself awake while hesitantly she opened her eyes. She looked at him as she was he was standing over her with his unchanging expression of absence.

"When did it become winter?" She asked.

"The day I was born." He replied. "Come, we don't have much time to get in unnoticed."

"Can't I sleep for a little longer?"

"If time can wait, but that's not going to happen so you're going to have to lead me to that grate. Plus, you wanted to be part of this 'group' I suspect that there should be something you should do." Shatter explained to her half asleep person.

Lazily, she got up and waddled towards the direction of the kingdom. Their walk was a little long and difficult, considering the fact that they had to avoid much of the inhabitants of the outskirts of the place. The only time they didn't try to hide was when they came across a blind SkyWing who could tell the difference between left or right.

Much to their prevail, they arrived near the walls of the kingdom. They had no sooner do so when Saxony had stopped and said, "Move to the left, there's a blind spot there where no guard tower can see us."

Moving through the direction of the walls, they arrived at the broken grate in which Saxony had spoken of. Shatter looked at the metal points of the grate and saw blood and scales around there. He also looked into the river and back upstream where it lead into the kingdom. By the time they would enter, it would be a total infiltration and a terrible thing for them if they were caught.

"Judging by the pattern of the blood splatter, looks like someone tried to get out in a hurry." Shatter stated.

Saxony did not like the look of the darkness under the kingdom. Though she had heard it from a drunk, she had never even tried to go in before. Actually, she had never seen the bloody grate at all. She was about to turn around and run back when she saw Shatter walk in and through the broken grate. Though she feared to go in, she fear to be alone even more, so she plunged in right alongside him.

Perhaps for her it was a reason that her mother had let her go so quickly. Maybe it was because she was weak, and not smart compared to her other sisters. If her mother didn't want her, she would guess that one of the best choices to get rid of her without killing her, would be to send her away. Saxony didn't ever think her mother hated her that much as in the not want her around. Why would she do it to her own daughter?

There was a cough that brought her attention to the IceWing.. he was sniffing a bit when he said, "This stench is overwhelming, avoid breathing through your nasal cavity."

It soon made sense to her now. Her mother didn't want to get rid of her because she didn't like her, but rather because she wanted her to learn something from the IceWing. Her mother saw that the IceWing had lived long enough and knew quite a bit to educate her daughter so that when she came to return, she would have a true successor. It was her time to prove herself and attain her right as the new Chief of the Hidden MudWing Society.

There was almost no light at all and only two dragon widths wide in the place. It was bothersome and of course her fear of the dark had overcome her.

"It's getting so dark I can't see a thing." She stated.

"But I can." An unfamiliar voice came from behind them.

She turned around and saw three dark silhouettes directly behind her looked in shock.

"What took you so long to show yourselves." Shatter stated.

"Wait, I don't get it," Saxony said, "who are you?"

There was no magical light for revelation of faces but the one in front said, "Hello, little MudWing. My name is Ravine."

XUbiquitousx 6:40am-7:24am CST 11/27/14

"How did you find me?"  Shatter spoke

"Trust me, it was unintentional."  Ravine replied, "Tumbles just happened to want and wander in this direction."

Shatter squinted to the last figure in the back whom he could or did not recognize.  "Who is the other one?"  He asked.

Ravine looked at the other dragon and told him, "Her name is Jicama, she is a RainWing that we met, and she wanted to come with us, naturally I put her to a test to decide if she was worthy enough to join this group."

"Hm.  Okay."  Shatter said.

"Don't you want to know what the test is?"  Ravine asked.

"I'm just wondering if not asking about it is the test."  He replied.


"I still don't care."

"Okay!  It was the test."  She admitted.

"I still didn't ask."  With that, he turned forward and continued walking.

Saxony looked back at Ravine and asked, "Did you know him?"

"A little."  She remarked.

"I don't think he's mentioned his name."  Saxony told her.

"You're right about that."

Ravine looked at her and said, "He is a mystery that I'm not sure about, could be a spy, or an assassin.  I don't trust him, and neither should you."

Saxony told Ravine her story on how she met him and her hypothesis on why her mother made her go with him.  Ravine was a little surprised about the mentioning of the MudWing Society, but said nothing about it or gave no sign.

"Do you even know why he's here?"  Ravine asked.


"All the more reason to be suspicious."

XUbiquitousx 4:15pm-4:33pm CST 11/28/14

How unusual it is to find several dragons wandering about in the SkyWing's sewage system. Shatter was the one in the head, even though everyone thought it would be better if Ravine would provide some light in the front. Shatter inferred that it could possibly attract attention, so he preferred no sort of illumination. Even with no light at all, there was still disturbances in their venture, everyone but Shatter spoke to each other as if it was common and safe to speak loudly, and anyone who tried to speak to him would not receive philippic, but no response at all. Even with all the ruckus and disobedience the IceWing surprisingly withheld any sign of emotion, positive or negative. It would seem to the logical mind that this one would continue with this for an interminable amount of time.

It didn't take long until they came into a division of paths which were barely seen with little provided light from conveniently placed torches. Indiscriminately, Shatter walked towards the straight while everyone followed. He continued this pattern for every new set of paths that he came upon, and it didn't take long before the smell become unbearable. There were complaints from Saxony and Tumbles, but everyone else remained quiet. It didn't seem like they would be stopping or turning back soon.

Suddenly, the IceWing stopped at a perimeter. Everyone else did, and there was a source of light directly above them. A horizontally, placed grate bonded and melted onto a stone surface. Shatter analyzed the situation and determined one possible and wise decision to make.

"Let's go back, we're done here." He said.

"What?!" The rest exclaimed.

Shatter, out of disciplinary action rather than any emotion, whacked Saxony in the head, had her whack Tumbles, and almost had Tumbles whack Ravine before she lightly pinned him down. Looking up at Shatter she asked, "What do you mean? We just got here?"

"SkyWings are known for their military power brutality, infiltrating with two would be hard enough, but to infiltrate with five of us would not happen anytime soon. Also, this grate here may be large to fit us through, but even then, scanning the area to see what's above us would be a difficult feat to accomplish." Shatter explained.

The was some sounds of scuffling about them when they look up to see three small silhouettes. Each one of a different shape. One of them spake to them and said, "Who are you?"

"Travelers of a sort, who are you?"

"We grew up without names, and we're prisoners of the SkyWings, barely four."

XUbiquitousx 6:55pm-7:34pm CST 1/27/15

Chapter 12: Three Young Gifted