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Yes, another glorybringer child, I'm sorry.


Being a hybrid of a NightWing/RainWing, Diplomat’s color is a rare sight. He’s green, but not the blueish green of a SeaWing, his scales are a shade of green that is as dark as the leaves on a pine tree. His underbelly is a pale bamboo green. He has the snout of a NightWing, but Diplomat has the prehensile tail of a RainWing. His eyes are a blueish-green that glitter in direct sunlight.


Diplomat, when you first meet him, will be quiet. He’ll talk to you, but only if you talk to him first. He doesn’t feel obliged to start a conversation with you and doesn’t exactly like making eye contact with other dragons. This doesn’t make him rude. Typically, Diplomat will be nice and smile if you try to talk to him. He stumbles over his words if he doesn’t know you well, and has crazy outbursts of anger/happiness, but he’s working on that. Recently he's actually started reaching out to people and helping them feel better about things. He enjoys relaxing in the pavilion, and listening to people talk to his mother as she sits on the throne. He likes learning about the history/politics/geography of the rainforest. He also enjoys the ocean, which Glory and Deathbringer find strange since neither of them were fond of the ocean, so they call him their SeaWing child.


Diplomat’s mantra would be “life is good”. He was born to Glory and Deathbringer a year after Jade Mountain was founded, named for a sign of peace in uniting RainWings and NightWings, and lived in the Rainforest pavilion his whole life. He made his living space the area behind his mother’s throne right after his hatching. He keeps some purple and blue flowers (his favorite colors) there and he pushed some shells into the wooden floor to remind him of the ocean trip he went on to the beach at a year old (his first time out of the rainforest). On his fourth hatching day, he was offered a job at the Rainforest school as an assistant teacher. There, he got to teach NightWing and RainWing dragonets about the war (getting lots of information from Glory and Deathbringer), the geography of Pyrrhia, and about the different tribes. Once, they even got to go to go on a field trip to Jade Mountain, where a dragonet from each tribe told the NightWings and RainWings some things about their tribes.



Glory is Diplomat's mother, but he loves listening to her and giving her advice on how to be queenly. When he's not at the school, he'll talk to Glory and help her with her queenly duties.


Diplomat doesn't see Deathbringer as much as he sees Glory, but when he does spend time with Deathbringer, he always has a good time. They like to patrol the rainforest together and make sure no bad guys are gonna get to mom. Deathbringer is always willing to tell him about the geography of Pyrrhia (being around the continent a little more than Glory did).


Cobweb is one of Diplomat's best friends but he occasionally makes Diplomat mad. He badmouth's Diplomat's workplace a lot.

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