Diamond Marvel

Diamond Marvel at his best! Base Cred to HawkShadowofThunderC on DA

StoryTellerMadnessDragon production. YUSH. MINE.


Diamond Marvel was hatched out of a clear egg in the GeodeWing Temple. When his parents saw his horns, spine, membranes, and tail, they gasped and whispered, "He's something to marvel." Hence, the second part of his name. They named him Diamond because-can you guess because it's oh so obvious-his horns, spine and tail are all diamond. He was always regarded as a more powerful dragon because diamonds were very uncommon and rare. Is it possible that he's a part of a prophecy?


He has light grey scales with a tint of purple-blue (indigo if you may) in there. He also has diamond horns, spine, membranes, and tail.


He doesn't have a job, still being in school.


  • Diamond Marvel was originally a SeaWing named Sapphire Current, but was changed.
  • The Marvel part of his name was derived from the Hunger Games character, Marvel.
  • Diamond Marvel is able to bend light with his membranes, because, hello, they're diamond as well.

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