Author's notes

This journal recording was found by a single NightWing. These journal entrees were sold to the SkyWing tribe and transformed into a small book of which is now used for history books. 

This holds the secrets to the old monarchy to the past of the SkyWing kingdom. The journal entrees were created by a SkyWing named Magmataunt, although it is theorized he just went by Magma.

Day 1 Of the Scorching.

The SkyWing kingdom was in peril now. Black clouds of smoke had risen from everything possible, being created by the fires burning away at everything the SkyWing's had.

The market had burst into flames first and now, nothing was salvagable from the wreck of flames. The air was a burden on the dragon's shoulders to breath in, the thick smoky air poisoning their lungs.

The once jeweled value of the sky kingdom was now completely worthless.

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