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Dew appears to be a silvery-white IceWing, but ever since she was 5 years old, her scales started "fading" and becoming transparent, making Dew appear more and more like a ghost. She cannot control her fading scales. Currently, Dew looks slightly translucent in the daytime and a lot harder to see in the nighttime. Her wings and the tip of her tail are see-through no matter the lighting.

Dew's body is that of a slim IceWing with abnormally large and sharp claws and very slight, scarred webbing between some of her head spikes. One of the scales on the tip of her snout peels upward to resemble a RainWing's snout's horn. Dew does not have a whip-thin, spiky, or prehensile tail.

Dew's eyes are a dark grayish blue.


Dew does not possess frostbreath, venom, or camouflage scales. She did not have cold resistance until she slowly built it up during her childhood.

Since Dew is translucent, she is good at staying hidden, especially in the Ice Kingdom and at night. She has huge, sharp, hook-like claws that can easily cut a dragon's throat.


Dew is usually calm and focused on her tasks, but it's an unstable calmness that can be easily disrupted by a comment on her RainWing features. The thing she hates the most is herself being part-RainWing and she is always trying to prove that she can be an excellent IceWing. Any mention of her RainWing features sends Dew into a rage or a period of insecurity during which she sometimes shreds the webbing between the spikes on her head.

Because of how easily she can overreact, Dew tends to avoid passing dragons on her missions, or anywhere. 

Dew does not care for any tribes other than IceWings and is always trying to impress them. She has a burning and brimming hatred for RainWings (and by extension, herself) and has killed more than a few to take out her anger. She is known by some RainWing dragonets as a killer ghost. Like all/most IceWings, she absolutely despises NightWings. 


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"Ahaha, as if." ~Dew