Dew is a rainwing with a mostly orange body and some blue and green. Under her wings is a dark purple that turns into a lighter purple. She has very sharp fangs and deadly venom. She has red webs next to her ears.


Dew usually cares about other dragons/dragonets. Can sometimes be cheeky. She loves to get out of the rain forest for a while and then come back.


*By the way this is told in the vision of Dew*

I looked out to the sand kingdom, it looked so beautiful. My ears twitched at the slightest of sounds. I looked out for a second then I felt claws griping onto my wings. I didn't know what it was. Then I saw complete blackness, I was knocked out. When I woke up I saw myself with 4 other dragons around my age. They looked as confused as I was. I stood up and said "Where am I?" Right after I said that, an Icewing and a Sandwing appeared out of the darkness. "You're in a new school that we are testing out." The Icewing said. "We're wishing you can be our first students." "My name is Sandstorm." The Sandwing said. "And I am Frostbite." The Icewing said. "And you all?" "I'm Gravel." The young mudwing replied. "Well I'm Siren." The Seawing said. "I'm Nightwhisperer." The Nightwing said. Wow what a pathetic Nightwing name. I thought. "I'm Crimson." The Skywing giggled. "And you?" Siren said to me. "I'm Dew, Dew of the rainwings. I replied. "FIRST LESSON!" Sandstorm shouted.

To Be continued :O


  • Dew became princess because of sheer luck.
  • Dew has one of the most powerful venom in the clan.
  • She has a really good hearing.

When Dew was young, she was the best in hide and seek.


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