Destinyscribe is a male Nightwing and a protagonist in the formerly upcoming Fanfiction 'The Shade of the Heir.' He is also one of her old OCs and cannot be used without his owner's permission.


Destinyscribe painting


Destinyscribe is a large male Nightwing as black as a stark moonless sky, with gray underscales, and a hint of dark royal blue, which slides across him whenever the light hits him. His scales also sometimes glint like silver. He has deep brown eyes.

Destinyscribe is a royal, regal, and quiet dragon. He is very dignified and is also mysterious, as he usually is gone fighting or hiding in the shadows. He is also majestic, highborn according to his clan and birthrights, and authoritative. Like all other kings and queens, and his mate, power radiates from his wingtips. He is usually calm in as many situations as possible, but don't think for a second that he isn't capable of freaking out. He talks very little but whenever he does, it is extraordinarily short and to the point. He has a rather serious voice. He speaks to his mate through telepathy. He is 93 years old and has fathered many, many hybrid eggs.


Destinyscribe is a dragon possessing the canon abilities of NightWings. He is capable of blending into shadows, and fire breath. He also has very weak poison in his bite.


QUEEN SELENIUM OF THE SHADOW WALKERS: He would defend his mate at the cost of his life. He loves her more than anything in the world, even his own scales.

DARK FOREST: His daughter matters a terrible lot to him. Being his first heir, he expects her to be a good dragoness who would do things for the sake of her family.

CRESCENT OAK (DECEASED): He was devastated when his second eldest daughter died. He mourned her loss and would have defended her if he could have.

SUPERIOR: He wishes his mother would visit more often. He often relies on her for help and needs her guidance, even though she is often hysterically crazy.

COUNTLESS CHILDREN: He cares for all of his children and their safety is important to him.


"You continued against Selenium's commands. Why?"

"End this, now!!!"

"Don't shed his blood, he isn't worth it."

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