Destinyfrost is a female NightWing/IceWing hybrid and one of Stuffed's OCs.

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a poni chibi of the 1 year old dragonet


a photo of Destiny


Destiny's wings

the pattern of stars under her wings

She is a purple NightWing with a special star pattern under her wings. Her eyes are a dark navy blue with a bright purple pupil. 


Destiny was born at the top of the NightWing volcano. Her mother came, got her, and brought her to their cave. Then she cracked her eyes open and told a prophecy. It was short but important.

The NightWing home shall be discovered,

The RainWing prisoners shall be uncovered.

The rain forest queen will come and attack

to retrieve her tribe members and take them back.

She is wanted dead for messing up the prophecy,

and hanging with the dragonets of destiny.

Be warned, beware of the venom spitters 

the attack prepare it will be bitter

An attack to happen five nights from tonight

to bring back prisoners and bring up a fight


Typical IceWing


A typical NightWing

the rainbow scales shall bring us light

The glory of the queen is coming.

Five days after that Queen Glory and her army attacked and got the prisoners.Therefore they named her Destiny, for being able to tell the future very clearly.