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Delphox as a human

Delphox as a human

Delphox... The Pokemon

This is the Pokemon, Delphox

Ok, ok. Yes, this FlameWing is based off of Delphox from Pokemon. Do not judge me. XD


Delphox is a very beautiful FlameWing. Her appearance is sleek and elegant. Her tail, instead of being regular, is fluffy and big like a foxes. Her eyes are a purple mixed with various other flecks of colors. Her hide is a reddish/orangish. Her ears are very big and fluffy.


Delphox was a very talented young dragonet. She was very good with magic and potions. Her parents found that different. They did not like that. Her brother was an accident. He hatched in the egg with her, but her aura took his life... Giving her, her powers. She never met him. No body did. He died while in the egg, while his sister (Delphox) took his life, purple fire engulfing the dragonet and burning him to a crisp. Delphox sees him everyday. She thinks of him always right next to her... Like an imaginary friend. That is a simple explanation.

When she turned six, she killed her parents. It was an accident. The scary dragons took her away. They sent her away in cages. Those cages did not hold this dragon. She burnt it up, then flew away, her body lit with purple fire.

From Delphox~ The scary dragons took me away with chains. I didn't mean to kill them... It just happened... I don't know why... I loved them. I did not mean to. Please don't take me away... I will miss them.


  • Delphox is based off of the Pokemon, Delphox.
  • Delphox is Tundra's favorite Pokemon, right next to Typhlosion.
  • Many think of her as evil, but she is not. She just can't control herself.
  • She often speaks in riddles


Delkin shipping... Yes, I ship it. Who knows why? (Delphox x Kraken)