Shadow Cloak member

== Physical ==

By CopperWingz!

Def would not be the dragon to pick in an all-out grapple. She doesn't have a noticeable muscle mass. But, she's quick. She can run and fly much faster than any other dragon, mainly because of her long legs and slim build from her RainWing blood.

Don't play hit-and-run with this one unless you would like to get very, very hurt.

Her scales are mainly silver and slate grey, but the underside of her wings has dark purple and blue splashes, like a watercolor painting. Her eyes are an odd color. They're blue, but are commonly mistaken for grey or even green.

She's tattooed her whole left arm, from her shoulder to her wrist. They are inky black webs of design and repeating pattern.

Some of the accessories she sports include attachable metal claws with leather straps, which she uses for battle, and a couple of silver earrings.

She has severe weaknesses, though. Due to blunt force head trauma from her dragonethood, from time to time she gets seizures. She's desperately trying to hide it, though she's pretty sure literally everyone on Pyrrhia knows.


Def is someone you wouldn't want to cross. While she doesn't actually work as an assassin, she's extremely dangerous. She's easily provoked, and isn't afraid to challenge others, but will lay low in the presence of someone above her on the hierarchy.

Def likes to think a couple moves ahead. Subconsciously, her brain makes notes about everyone and stores them in neat little files. She mentally runs every single action plan of hers, and finds flaws.

It's hard for Definition to fall asleep, because her brain is so wired. She's constantly contemplating everyone, and what they might think of her.

Def is empathetic. No, she's not empathetic in a way that helps her help others, she empathetic in a way to figure out exactly what everyone is thinking. Even if she's not PURE NightWing. She knows she can do anything she puts her mind to.

While Def IS cynical, she often does what's essential to the Shadow Cloak's survival, even if it means risking her own life. Unlike what most people think, villains DO have ethics!

Def, despite not wanting to sacrifice anybody for the greater good, won't hesitate to send pawns to distract the enemy while the greater pieces slip past. She's cold and calculating, often thinking for a long while before she answers any given question. Def is icy and precise. She'll rarely mumble. Her words are clear, likewise with her intentions.

Def is terse, never wasting words. She's always calm, even in the face of death, though her mind would be frantically searching for plan B.

Def is proud, and pretends like she doesn't need help.