DeathWing Sigil

Description: Dark scales; semi-transparent bodies; skull mask; forked black tongues

Abilities: Venom in their talons; thin scales; breathe poison gas vapor

Location: island at the tip of the IceWing Kingdom (Skull Island)

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Horror



THE DEATHWING TRIBE IS OPEN! No royalty/animus will be permitted until the renovation is completed.

You must still follow the rule that you can only have up to two DeathWings. They are an endangered tribe.


DeathWings have dark, dark, black, transparent bodies so you can see some of the bones, quite large, and their eyes are grey with red pupils. Their tail is very thin, though. They have black or white masks covering their faces, which they are born with at birth. They can be removed, but no one does. The reason is unknown why their faces are hidden, but it is something almost all DeathWings have. DeathWings have forked, black tongues.


They have venom equipped in their talons, which they can shoot at will, but not all the time. Once they use that ability, they need to wait a moment for all the venom to collect itself. They also have great strength, even though their muscles are not very thick. However, they have thin skin, and so can be injured easily. They can also breathe poison gas vapor that forms in a green tinted color. It doesn't kill dragons unless they breath it in, but can cause very severe damage to the scales. They can also become transparent at will and see in the dark.


DeathWings are strong, agile, aware, and good at influencing others. However, living on an isolated island wasn't good for your studies--or your health, for that matter.- quoted from here [D&D Fanon Races (written by Matau)]

DeathWings can be snarky, cynical, sarcastic, stealthy, preferring to solve problems with diplomacy or sneakiness, rather than full-on physical combat.


DeathWings live on an island on the tip of the Ice Kingdom called Skull Island. They are endangered but still have enough members to be called a tribe (They need more eggs and a new island!!!). Not one DeathWing is allowed to leave their island. The queen is afraid to lose more DeathWings and tries to keep them as safe as possible. But Deathwings who threaten their Tribe will be killed.

They have mountains too, but not volcanoes, because those would've wiped them out in a flash. The sun never shines there, like the old NightWing island, but they prefer the dark more than light, after all, they are DeathWings and they can see perfectly in dark weather. It rains a lot on that island but it never bothers the dragons. They have their own areas for the poor Deathwings, a palace, a couple of hatcheries here or there, they have everything they need on that island, even prey. They prefer humid climates, and love the feeling of the mist or fog hitting their scales.


DeathWings are light eaters but still eat what they can find in their territory. They have enough prey on their island. They like meat, and adore the feeling of crunchy bones in their mouths. They are not picky, although they are disgusted by fruit.

Tradition (Rules Basically)

  1. They never take off their masks because of some old DeathWing secret.
  2. No one talks about DeathWing history, including why they have skull masks or what caused them to be an endangered tribe.
  3. No one is allowed to threaten the tribe or queen. If one will, they will be killed so no harm can be done
  4. Animus DeathWings instantly get special necklaces that prevents one to become mad and/or die using their powers. If one is not careful with them and does something bad to the tribe, they will either get a special wristband that prevents them from using their animus powers at all, get the wristband and get thrown into the dungeon, or killed, depending on how much damage they caused.


DeathWing eggs are looked after by both parents The two take turns watching them. It is uncommon to see any eggs alone. If one or both parents are killed or die somehow, another pair of dragons will often adopt some or all of the eggs that are left, the Deathwings try to keep their eggs as safe as possible.

After the egg(s) hatch, they are taken care of by their parents or sometimes guardians. DeathWing dragonets try to learn as much as they could about the history of Pyrrhia because, since they rarely leave Skull Island, they won't experience much of what they learned. DeathWings usually have siblings and they all have hunting lessons and fighting lessons and basically any lessons in general together.

Marked by Death

Very rarely, a dragonet egg can become touched by death, or death-born. These dragons, in addition to their normal powers, do not bleed, so cannot die by loss of blood. They radiate an aura of weakness, weakening anyone near them. They can turn from physical beings to nonphysical beings. These dragons are few and far between.

Significant Members



Male Royalty:


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