This is an OC belonging to Glory's Magical Death Spit and the tribe she belongs to is Atomicake's.


Smaller than an average DeathWing, Death's Void, or Void for short, has a light grey mask over her face. The mask around the mouth part is stained with blood. Her wing bones are visible as well as part of her jaw and some bones in her legs. Void has a longer than usual tail, that darkens to non-transparent midnight black. One eye is red while the other is a deep purple.


Void is sarcastic, but mostly serious, she is friendly and outgoing when with dragons she knows and is friends with, but is reserved, calculating, and dark with those who are strangers. Void loves flying high and hunting birds. She enjoys being alone with her thoughts and running in forests.




  • Originally Death's Void's name was Void After Death, but I then thought it was too long and changed it to Death's Void
  • The two different eye colors are a mention to Nightsplatter , who has an altar ego
    Death's Void the DeathWing

    Art by VoidLegend aka Glory's Magical Death Spit. Tribe by Atomicake