Chapter 1

A flat-seaweed colored SeaWing scribe made somewhat of a grunt or a growl as he got up from his 5 hour reading lesson. Who knew scrolls about chemical ores were so interesting? Everyone knew that, of course.

The webs on his arms carefully brushed up against the lantern-illuminated walls. The scribe grabbed all of his 13 scrolls and put them into a shoulder bag. The bag was made out of some type of unknown waterproof material. Slightly yellowed scrolls were carefully set into each labeled sections of the bag. From magic to chemical items, the labels told anyone that this dragon had a large selection of scrolls. The scribe closed the bag and rushed out of the room, especially for scroll reading. It wasn't really a library, just a tranquil place to enjoy scrolls and maybe even a salmon salad.

The SeaWing went through different halls. The many tunnels were confusing most dragons who didn't know much about the castle, although Whirlpool knew the castle by heart.