Ta-Da! I present Deadheart! WindRider2501's OC


Deadheart has grown up fighting and killing for as long as he can remember. He works as one of the DeathWing arena guards and is also the arena champion. He assists the Dragonets in their escape from the DeathWing palace along with Echoline in More Than Likely. He has a amazing amount of knowledge, to most dragons' surprise. He has 6 siblings, being the eldest at 10. He and his father hunt, but it seems that the food won't sustain. He results in badly judged measures, as in killing other tribe dragons for food. He is also dating Requiem.


The exact things that every DeathWing can do.


  • "Well, it's not my fault that she's an idiot."
  • "Lemme have some fun, Echo."
  • "You don't know who I am. How offensive. I AM THE EPIC DEADHEART, THE ARENA CHAMP!"

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