Deadeye is Whitefoot&Tigerstripe's OC, adopted from Tundra. Please do not use without permission.


Deadeye is a deep purple, with light blue scales marking odd swirl patters around her eyes and making a wave pattern on her tail. She has deep blue underscales. Her right eye is a deep dark green, unnatural. But then, most things about her are unnatural.

Her left eye is pure, almost blindingly white. It has a light gray, slit-like pupil in the very center. Deadeye's wings are large and have a wave-like pattern on them also, this one made up of her 'star' scales. Her horns, claws, and teeth are relatively white, but her horns are a darker shade of gray than the others. She has sharp claws and teeth, and is rather thin. She has very faint scars all over them, but they are almost unnoticeable unless you looks closely.


Deadeye is very, very shy, and very often nervous. She hates talking to others and hates meeting new dragons, always afraid they're going to mock her because of her eye. She has a bad case of depression because of being beat down for hating death, disease, and any other type of disaster that brings sadness. Her parents wanted her to grow up to be a guard, and when they found out she was born slightly defective and hated fighting, they decided they didn't like her and abused her. Because of this, she is short-tempered, shy, easily snaps, and has a case of depression. She is often mad at herself and punishes herself for making others feel bad by biting and clawing.

She is a skilled poetry artist, able to gain inspiration from simply gazing at the sky or a tree. She uses no guidelines whatsoever when writing poetry, simply placing depth and meaning in her work. Other dragons often praise her for her work, and she feels this is one of the only things that makes her even close to accepted.


Deadeye can breath fire, like her tribe. She is very capable at camouflaging into dark areas, and is a good flyer, despite her bad eye. In fact, it's because of her bad eye that she has much stronger senses than others, but none of them surpass other tribes. She has strong hearing, almost as good as a SandWing's, and she can scent things very well. She also has a sort of 'sixth sense', where she can feel if there are other dragons nearby. Despite rumors started, her blind eye can't look into the future. It's just a bad eye.

She keeps her claws rather sharp, as well as her teeth. She rarely uses them others than on herself, however, but there have been moments where she has had to use them to defend herself. She is rather agile, being very thin, and weak when it comes to physical strength.

She can read minds to some ability. However, it is very weak, as it only goes up to someone talking normally, but a bit quietly, and no higher. (She has used it to figure out when she's either being made fun of or annoying someone).


  • She is also fond of haikus
  • She has considered wearing a cloth or eyepatch, but hates to do so, because it feels odd or unnatural
  • If she reads minds too long, she looses feeling in her wings. No one knows why.

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