Moonclaw's half sister. Belongs to Moonclawthenightwing, and the WIPness will hurt your eyes. Look away! And dont let me catch you editing or you'll be shipped with the microwave

Sketchdawn kindlephoto-235606940
Background information
Creator Moonclawthenightwing
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute Are pancakes an element?
Theme Colors Navy and orange
Theme Animal type here
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age type here
Gender Female
Occupation Chef
Tribe NightWings
Goal To open a cafe with Hibernate
Residence Moonclaw Post Office
Relatives Moonclaw
Allies Hibernate, Animus (OC), Moonclaw
Enemies type here
Likes Hibernate
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities Can cook some amazing pancakes
Weapons type here
Ships Dawnate
Quote Y-you mean it? OH MY GOSH!

Happy Birthday to... Wait, who are we talking about again?



I just want to open a cafe. Is that too much to ask?



Just because he already has a dragoness doesn't mean he can't love me too, right? Oh, I'm being ridiculous. He'll stay with me. I hope.~What went on in Dawnchaser's head one night

Dawnchaser is, like her half sister Moonclaw, an odd looking Nightwing. She has darker scales than Moonclaw, but you can still see the hint of navy blue in her scales. She doesn't mind showing off her orange eyes, and refuses to wear contacts to cover them. Her tail is slightly shorter than that of a normal Nightwing. She has star scales under her wings, but very few of them.


WIP. But it's with Hibernate


  • She's slightly worried that Hibernate will go back to being with Leafwhistle
  • While Moonclaw wants to go to school, Dawnchaser wants to open a cafe

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