Cuttlefish is a female SeaWing-RainWing hybrid, created by Luckybird and owned by Avillan.


Cuttlefish has normally cerulean scales, but she can shift it from blue to light seaweed green and brown. Her scales can also stick up straight so she can essentially shift between textures. Her light stripes can change to any color, enabling her to speak in different dialects with the same scales. Sadly, her light scales don't light up as brightly as a normal SeaWings, but her colors can make up for that. Her eyes are a bright purple.




She is very fun loving, and having the liking of both rain and ocean enjoys playing in water even more than any Seawing. She is typically optimistic, and has a large, almost crazy looking smile. She is not the sharpest knife, due to that, but she is always friendly to dragons(and even scavengers) around her. When

A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

she gets angry or sad, though it is very rare, it has a dramatic affect.


As said above, she can change the color and texture of her scales. Her spots can change their color to any color while her normal scales are restricted to the normal sea colors. Her multicolored scales enable her to speak in many forms of Aquatic, even ones that take years to understand. She can also speak bits of scavenger, though she isn't very good at it, and the RainWing language.
Blarg1 001

Cuttlefish in human form. Art by Tide the Seawing.