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Curse is extremely thin, considered thinner than any other TrickWing. He has dark purple scales, and a line of silver scales along his brows. Along with all this, he has silver wing-webbing, too, and oddly gold feet. His eyes are eyes are a piercing scarlet, and his underbelly is black. He has very pale gray, almost white, underscales, and his tail is rather long.


Sly, easy-going, actually pretty friendly, stubborn, courageous, tricky, protective, and, really... an amazing friend.


Curse hatched alone, with no siblings. He learned to be sly and sneaky, and never named himself. Until... the day. Caught trying to sneak into the palace, he was presented in front of the queen. When she asked his name, it came right out of his mouth...

"Curse," I said, the word slipping right out of my mouth. It had come instantaneously. I didn't need to think. But what I didn't understand...

...was how I knew what to say.

So, the queen hired him as both spy and assassin when she got him to tell her his power, for she could tell there was something about him...

"Tell me," the queen said. "What are you hiding?" I couldn't help but grin.

"This." I began tor run. I sped up to one of the guards and tried to slash his neck with my dagger, but he leaped away just in time. I skidded to a halt in front of the queen.

"I could put good use to your powers..." she hissed.

Yeah, so from there on he's been an assassin. I don't know what else to say about him. Welp... Moon out!

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