My drawing of Current. *don't steal please*

          Current is a young SeaWing, only eight years old. He was a newly-made spy, but when the war ended and the dragonets of destiny chose the SandWing queen, her majesty, Queen Coral, discovered his deepest secret- he was animus. He was later cast out from his tribe.


Current is a dark blue dragon with greenish-bluish photophores. He has one scar going down his left back leg from when he got caught in he middle of a battle between MudWings and IceWings. 


Current is cunning and sometimes he has little moments of violence (usually only about 2-5 minutes) due to him being animus. Other than that he tries his best to to selfless (although it is hard for him)and help others, for he knows what it's like to have a major loss. 

Other info

Theme song- The River by Imagine Dragons

(Future) mate- Angler the SeaWing

Offspring- none

Fanfiction appearances- Flowing Currents (By me AKA Dragonsketcher)

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