Current of the Wind is by Stargazer. I got the name "Current of the Wind" from my Path of the Wolves book about a female wolf named Lightning. The name just fit in to a SwiftWing fanfiction. Well, please enjoy!

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NOTE: These chapters are very small.


The wind whistled and the trees waved to and fro. A gray SwiftWing named Streak flew up to the center of the thunderstorm. He swirled into the sky, causing a tornado to form. In the sea, dark waves pressed upon the mighty palms in a flash flood. Streak darted to the ground and waited.

PART ONE: Bolts of Thunder

Chapter One

It all started when I was sitting under a tree. Me, Sky. I get this name because I have a sky blue telekinesis color. My mane is just ordinary, plain blue. So is the tuft of my tail. But the color of my body is white topscales and sky blue underscales. Welcome to my life!

Chapter Two

I am sitting under my favorite tree. Then I spot a white and black flower! I pick it and sniff. "Blech!" I spit out, sticking my tongue out as if I ate the smelly flower. "Sky!" comes a sudden call. "Yes Thunder, I'll be right there." I walk over to the yellow striped, dark blue maned and fluffed, gray topscaled and white underscaled, green eyed SwiftWing. "You have an urgent message from Zap!" I picture the all red and blue SwiftWing messenger. Then I trot over to the SwiftWing Palace to hear my message.

Chapter Three

(not colored yet)


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