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Current the SwiftWing Fixed

Current, about to fight


Current, compliments of Talonsofpeace123

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Current, compliments of Glitch Wolf


Current is a determined SwiftWing. He loves water, and spends all of his time with Eskimo. He is not at all bothered by fire.


Current is grey with a blue stripe (note: NOT a lightningborn), wing flaps, mane, and underbelly. He has retractable claws.


Current has the normal powers of a SwiftWing with hydrokinesis.

Relationships and Quotes

Curent's mate is Eskimo.

"Here, Eskimo, let me put out that fire for you."

"Heh heh heh…" *splashes Eskimo with a water ballon*

"I WILL do this, no matter what it takes."

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