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Crystal ref

Ref made by NorahChi!

Sparkle sparkle

Art by Daybreak the Traveler!

She belongs to User:CrystallineTheDragon

No stealing.


Crystalline is half Icewing, half Rainwing. Her front part of her body looks Icewing, but, the bottom half of her is a Rainwing. Her noticeably sharp claws are more curled in like a Rainwing's, but serrated like an Icewing. Her tail has no spine on it until the very end, which are long and sharp, like an Icewing. Her colors can change (not according to mood) to however she wants them, but they always stay a pale blue with hints of pink.

She has less icicles behind her neck than a purebred Icewing and a less resistance to the cold.

Information b/c lazy

Crystalline had been adopted by Queen Everglade after her unknown mom abandoned her in the dreadful Rainwing kingdom. Everglade had a getaway house there, which is how she was found.

Crystal does radiate a chill, only through her Icewing looks, but her Rainwing looks are neutral. They don't radiate heat nor a chill.

She can breathe out a light mist, and that's it (to cool herself off) but she does have dangerous ice venom.

Is an animus, and very fond of her non-blood siblings.

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