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Sparkle sparkleArt by Daybreak_the_Traveler!
Background Information
Creator Crystalline
Infobox Artist Day
Main Attribute Growling.
Elemental Attribute Ice.
Theme Animal Leopard.
Theme Color Teal.
Theme Song Nicotine ~ P!ATD [VULGAR]
Hostility Level Will attack if you attack first.
Character Information
Age 8.
Gender Female.
Occupation Student.
Tribe Icewing/Rainwing.
Goal Doesn't have one.
Residence Mudwing Palace.
Relatives Unnamed mother, Hyacinth (father, deceased)(or is he?), Cirrus (brother), Bayou (adoptive daughter), Osprey (blood sister by surprise)
Allies Queen Everglade, her adoptive sisters, DawnBreaker (somewhat), Osprey.
Enemies Bone-Dry.
Likes The cold, getting clean, staying clean, swimming, flying.
Dislikes Using her venom because her fangs are sensitive, sunlight, harsh heat.
Powers and abilities Has icy venom, sharp claws, animus powers.
Weaknesses Can't use Icewing powers in heat, sometimes rude, snarky, can't bring herself to kill any dragons, can't use her venom a lot b/c fangs are sensitive.
Ships CrystalSand.
Quote "Okay, well, you suck."

"I'm 50/50 Icewing-Rainwing."

Crystalline is literally just half Icewing, half Rainwing, unnable to tell what her dominant tribe is. Her noticeably sharp claws are more curled in like a Rainwing's, but serrated like an Icewing. Her tail has no spine on it until the very end, which are long and sharp, an Icewing tail basically, it isn't prehensile. Her colors cannot change, and she doesn't have camouflage. She also has less icicles behind her neck than a purebred Icewing. Her body is skinny and sleek, while it slopes upwards since her legs are longer.


"Can you NOT! I'm trying to SLEEP!"

She's... nice. Crystal gets super agitated by nearly anything. She's very prissy, and doesn't like getting herself dirty, while on the other talon, she loves to have fun. Crystal snaps at every dragon, she's seen as mean and rude, snarky and quick to assume, but she's just hiding her depression over not knowing who her father is, and probably never knowing him (her mother told her once he was annoying and stubborn). Crystal also loves to draw/paint. Painting is the only time she'll get her talons dirty.

Don't mess with her siblings nor her friends. She gets crazy protective.


"My mother says he's really annoying."

After her unnamed mother met her father, Hyacinth, she was made with another egg. Her mom was a very beautiful Icewing, who didn't want her reputation of being in the first circle ruined, she 'killed' the father and left her eggs in the rain forest. After Crystal hatched in the Mud palace, all she wanted was her mothers' chilly atmosphere she felt inside the egg.

She was found by Queen Everglade weeks before she hatched, not knowing what was inside it. Everglade looked around for more, or someone else, as she completely scanned over Cirrus' egg and left his behind. He hatched moments later, weeks older than Crystal. As soon as she hatched, she was grumpy and snarky, even as a newborn. Everglade was intrigued by this and wondered if it was normal Icewing behavior. It was.

Animus Touched Objects

"I am very careful with my powers, you imbecile!"

  • A horn band that keeps bugs, dirt, mud, etc from sticking onto her.
  • Queen Everglade's necklace. It and the queen are totally resistant to heat/fire.
  • Skyfire that is in her earring to protect her soul, thoughts, and to make the earring indestructible. Only she can take it off.
  • A chest that only she (not even her own family) can open, and is indestructible. She keeps her animus objects in here.
  • A piece of circular glass. She can see through it and see heat signatures of dragons behind anything. Perfect for scouting assassins and spies, and even prey.


"I don't make friends often. But when I do, I love them to death."

Queen Everglade- She loves her like her own mother. Even though Everglade doesn't need it, she protects her own mother by making enchantments, and just watching out for assassins. Very fond of her, and wants her to reign forever.

Osprey- Her annoying, cute little sister. She thinks Osprey is obnoxious sometimes, but she loves her sister and will do anything for her. They found out they're blood related, and that was a shock to Crystal. They love to paint together.

DawnBreaker- Used to be her best friend, until he lied to her about not trying to kill Everglade. She hates Dawn, and wished he was never alive, but something inside her cannot bring herself to kill him.

Cirrus- After finding out he is her elder brother, they had a stronger bond. He was pretty, and similar to her; cold, snarky, crushing. They both talked, and they shared common love with things. She'll protect her brother with her life. She enchanted a ring to make him look like a purebred Icewing. He loved it.

Bone-Dry- Bone was her first mate. She loved him, and he loved her, but somehow, the relationship didn't work. Bone had tried to kill her, so they parted their own ways. Something inside them both can not bring themselves to kill each other. That was when she met Quicksand.

Quicksand- He stepped in when Bone-Dry tried to hurt Crystal. His smart and slick ways made Bone back down, so he introduced himself to Crystal, and they traveled together. She wasn't fond of him at first, but she grew to love him.

Tundra- She thinks Tundra is intimidating. But she's her 'sister' so she loves her. Tundra thinks Crystal despises her, but it isn't true. She's just intimidated. Crystal hates when Tundra pulls pranks on her.

Taiga- The twin to Tundra, she thinks Taiga is a bundle of fun, but can be intimidating at times as well. Like said above, she hates when Taiga pulls pranks on her. She loves her colors.

Bayou- Crystal thinks this chubby Mudwing is annoying, a Mudwing that her mother plopped into her arms one day. She took care of Bayou, but not really that well. Crystal absolutely hates it when Bayou puts mud on her bed.

NightSlayer- She thinks this dragon is super pretty. Albinism is something she wants to know more about. She loves Night's art! She would stand up to any bullies against her.


"This is a drawing of my dad and how I picture him."

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