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Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Artist blank
Main Attribute Cold
Elemental Attribute Ice
Theme Animal Artic Fox
Theme Color Silver
Theme Song Let it Go
MBTI Personality blank
Character Information
Age 16
Gender female
Orientation striaght
Occupation type here
Tribe 90% NightWing, 5% SeaWing, 5% SandWing
Goal blank
Relatives Herobrine Northstar
Allies Herobrine, Northstar, Diamond
Enemies none yet.
Likes Ice, snow, IceWings.
Dislikes Desert, heat, sand, dryness.
Powers and abilities Light up scales.
Weapons Staff of the Ice.
Ships none
Quote "I like ice!!"


Crystal has an appearance like a NightWing. Her scales fade from dark purple to lavender from her legs to her spine. Her spine is dark purple with a frosting of over them that she added herself. Her eyes are a faded blue and almost grey. Her wings are dark purple and have many silver scales scattering from her joint to the ends of her membrane. Her belly is deep violet with SeaWing bioluminescent scales that shine silver.


Crystal is the second born child of Herobrine and Northstar. She is twins with her sister Diamond. When she was born, she was unable to breath fire and extremely weak. She barely stayed alive. Afraid that his daughter would not survive or be able to fend off for herself, Herobrine gave Crystal a silver staff enchanted by him that allowed her to choose what power it will have. Crystal loved the cold and snow so she wanted to have IceWing powers and so the staff became the Staff of Ice.


Crystal is very mature acting and responsible. She is very logical and smart. She is the complete opposite of her twin. Crystal is always carrying her staff with her wherever she roams. She knows when to pick a fight and when to stand her ground. She can be very intimidating in that sense.