Crust looks like a typical SandWing, but he is not.

Crust is a male SandWing and one of Stargazer's OCs.

Crust has many fears but he is really dangerous. Not only because of his poison, but because of his claws. They have something inside them that paralyzes dragons. He is somewhat clumsy and can speak Scavenger. Crust knows that he likes this SeaWing named Lanturn. Crust is also very forgiving. Nobody except for Chill trusts Crust.

Other info...

Crust taught Viper (bottom right) to be an antagonist. He started off by being
Viper and Crust

Viper and Crust

sent by a SandWing ally a little dragonet. Viper refused to fight with him. With that he brought a MudWing and Viper attacked it, and killed it. Crust knew his name said it all.

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Crust meeting Viper

Crust ended up training many SandWings. To mention some are Viper (bottom right picture [he's the one behind Crust] and top left picture [he's the smaller one.]), Ray, and Dust. He succeeded in training all of them and became top SandWing antagonist.

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Crust had met Lanturn when he was about three years old. He fell deeply in love with her because of her beauty. He always thought about her and sat thinking about her. But that didn't stop him from battle practicing. He vowed to protect Lanturn with his life, even if it meant killing himself.

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