Crispin is a 25 (Human) year old RainWing. 


Crispin is very uncaring. He doesn't mind killing, but would rather not do it. Crispin is strict on new scientist's, but on the inside, his meaness is because of his past. Crispin snaps very easily. He hates MudWings and most SandWings. Crispin is also very deceiving and used to be a spy for Dazzling. He is a bit paranoid, but not much.

Crispin can fear dragons who seem unnatural and scientific creations gone wrong.


Crispin was born at least a little nicer than he is now. His parents loved him, but his older brother despised him. His brother, Hanglide would do anything to get ride of Crispin, thinking he was "stealing" his parent's love. Hanglide left the RainWing kingdom in the night, leaving his family in the dust. Crispin still doesn't know why he left him, but he does have theories. He stayed up all night trying to figure out why he left, and didn't go to sleep for a month. Crispin, at the age of 2, was trained to be a scientist. He didn't understand it at first, but warmed up to it. Crispin began to love science and science experiments. Everyone in his family was so proud of Crispin for everything.

One day, the SandWings and MudWings began to steal the RainWing's things at night, and the RainWings never noticed. This went on for 4 years, and only Crispin knew. He told his parents but they didn't believe him. No one in his class really did believe him about it. One night, Crispin's parents woke up to find a MudWing in their hut. The MudWing killed their parents while Crispin was still asleep. The MudWing escaped right as Crispin woke up. Crispin was horrorfied and had to wait 'till morning to tell the other RainWings.

The RainWings believed that Crispin had killed his parents for not believing him. So Crispin was banished from the RainWing kingdom forever. Crispin thought about it in the mountains he lived in. No one understood what he was trying to do for them. At this time, he wasn't good anymore, he was chaotic neutral.

Dazzling desperately called Crispin back to be a spy. Crispn was stubborn and didn't accept. After a month of trying, Dazzling finally got Crispin to be a spy.


Crispin prefers his scales to be a light lemon yellow color. His eyes are red and almost always have bags under them from not sleeping. His underbelly his a light orange. Crispin has a large scar under his left eye, and it hurts extremely when he tried to put a bandage on it. He has bandages around his back feet and front feet from getting hurt from climbing trees. Crispin occasionally wears a white lab coat. He is very tall and has slender legs.