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Crimson is a DeathWing who due to memory loss, thinks she is some sort of vampire dragon. Most dragons tend to be creeped out by this, but she is so crazy with her belief that she filed down all of her teeth but her canines, making her attacks pretty harmless.
Crimson - Copy


She is a very dark gray color and has slightly red markings on her wings, shaped like blood splatters. She has filed down all of her teeth but her canines to look more vampiric. Her horns are twisted. Her overall build is lean and thin, like most Deathwings, with her skeleton visible. Her skull has several cracks and chips in it due to all the wounds and falls she has taken. Her eyes are yellow, with red pupils and a thin ring of red around her irises, which are a similar shape of yellow to her sclera.

When not used as a meat shield in combat, Crimson is often wrapped in a straight jacket, with a muzzle over her maw.


While she has had memory loss as a young adult from hitting her head too many times, she still retains quite a bit of her old personality as well as her own crazy beliefs. She is quite short-tempered, brave and a bit clumsy. She does not like to use her venom, preferring head-on attacks, as her venom is quite weak for a DeathWing. However, due to her odd belief, she goes crazy at the sight of blood, thinking it as food and targeting wounds in battle. Crimson has an irrational hatred of social situtions.

She is considered crazy, but she doesn't believe it so. Every dragon looks like a tiny morsel, a blood bag that need not carry so much excess fluid while vampires like her starved. Although she is very capable of eating other foods, she refuses them as toxic, and must often be fed more sneakily or forcibly. Crimson still retains a love of hunting, scroll-collecting (even though she can't read) and wrestling, from whoever she was before, but is annoyed that her straight jacket and muzzle prevent her from fighting.


Most of Crimson's past is unknown, as even she barely knows it. All that was known was that her parents died at a young age, leaving her to hunt and fight on her own. With a combination of head wounds and possible mental diseases or disorders, Crimson collapsed and her memory of herself, her family and her friends... Vanished.

Without a trace, the Deathwing wandered the countryside, trying to piece herself together, when all she knew were vague memories of myths, hunting and ancient stories. She came to a conclusion that she was an ancient creature of blood, who had come back from the dead to capture the blood of the " inferior mortal" creatures. Her insanity only increased over time, as she stumbled back into the Deathwing villages and cities.

In her insanity and rage, she killed another Deathwing by biting it's neck off while trying to drink it's blood. She was put into the psychiatric ward after they found out about her insane belief, and her state hasn't been getting better...

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