EnigmaTheHybrid's SkyWing Runner for NS's Glade Runners. Don't use him without my permission, please and thanks. Infobox picture was by Tundra!

(Will be revamped soon alkdjf)

"Hey, Greenie. Welcome to paradise. I'm Crested Caracara. Call me CCC or Cara, but if you call it a girl name, you'll be spending the night in the shucking maze."


"Hey, I might be good looking, but that's not helpful in that shucking maze."

CCC is a tall SkyWing, lean while muscular, handsomely built. CCC is a bit snakelike, with his long neck and tail and skinny limbs. His build is useful for getting around easily. It seems as though he glides over and terrane like air. As q runner, being able to move quickly easily comes in handy. His scales on his back is a red-orange color. The middle scales, almost like a stripe, are a lighter color, more orange as well. His underbelly is a warm orange color. Along his tail, long legs, and muzzle, there are strange fire markings that seem to rise up along those areas. This also occurs on his wing membranes, in which they appear to be made of fire. Along with his name, like a crested caracara, the horns on his neck close to his head that appear like a crest. His horns are a bit longer than normal SkyWings and are a dark reddish brown color.

As a runner, CCC always needs to be prepared for dangers he faces in the maze. His body is nearly always in a shirt with the sleeves he cuts off himself which usually leaves long holes that make his sides visible. He also always wears shorts that he holds up to more easily run and cool off. CCC usually wraps towels on his body, usually on his horns, tail, and wrists/ankles to tie up cuts or dry off sweat, and also sometimes tie bags of food or water. On his horns specifically, he ties daggers to them to fend off Grievers.


"What makes you think I'm nervous? I'm not nervous! Get out of here, can't you see I'm busy!"

 On the surface, CCC is a calm, happy optimistic SkyWing, content in the Gade and in no rush to leave, dispite being a runner. When a Greenie is around, he'll drop whatever he was thinking and act hopeful and helpful to them, to not worry them, even though he woun't answer certain questions he feels that Greenies shouldn't know. He speaks with logic and sense when he's calm, even if he fakes it.

The truth is, CCC is honestly always in self-doubt and worry. He tries to remember everything, which is extra painful not remembering his past. He is despret to find the exit to the maze and even tempted at night to stick around and do it.


"I'm a SkyWing. I thirst for open air. I just want to fly, shank! That's why I like running. At least then I can get a breeze."

 CCC is masically a normal SkyWing, save for not being able to fly. He has fire like any other SkyWing. He's rather strong, but not as strong as some other Runners. Instead of flying, CCC is extremely fast at running, and running for long distances without breaks.

His memory is also on point, and he's able to easily remember many things about the maze, and he also easily upset if he forgets something.


"I wish I could remember something. Especially my family. What if I had a little brother or sister? That would be cool."
- CCC trying to shape his past

Like anybody in the Glade, CCC doesn't remember anything about who he was before he was dropped into the box and abandoned into the glade. He remembered screeching for help to get out. He remembered thrashing and bruising himself up to get out of the metal box, but he finally fainted. He woke up in the Glade, and by seeing some Gladers, he started to panic. CCC tried to break through a widow to add cuts to his wounds, and tried to fly away, only to tortuously glide down back to the earth. When he spotted some Runners getting out of the maze, he investigated and eventually got to where he is today. Running for the Gladers and looking for a way out.


"It's cool to live with your buddy pals, but it gets boring for some."



"As long as you do your work, draw all you'd like. It'd be nice to get some stuff to brighten up this place."


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