Crescent is a female, orphan MoonWing. She is an artist.


Crescent was born with the eye color of red and purple, which is very odd. Crescent's mother (may be know as Plasma) said that she might be in danger. Plasma taught Crescent many songs, like E.T. and Cosmic Love. When Plasma had a wing injury, she couldn't fly for a year. When Crescent stood on a cliff, she fell with Crescent on it. Plasma died saving Crescent from hitting the ground too hard, and was crushed by rocks. Crescent now lives with Queen Luna from now on. Queen Luna trained Crescent to be the best warrior in the MoonWings to make Plasma proud. Crescent wasn't allowed to leave the kingdom, because Queen Luna is worried that Crescent will be captured by the other tribes. Queen Luna did everything to keep Crescent happy and safe. As the Great War started, Crescent became a warrior at a young age of 7. She kept the song E.T. as her theme song because of her mother. It is unknown about Crescent's father, but Plasma described him as gray color with red eyes.


Crescent is bold and shy when meeting new dragons. She is sweet, kind and never bitter. 


Crescent is a light blueish gray dragon with red and purple eyes. She is considered as a beautiful MoonWing by the others.


Queen Luna

Since the death of Crescent's mother, Plasma, Queen Luna chose herself to take care of Crescent. Since then, Crescent has been a warrior and lives in the Castle of the Moon.

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