A typical Seawing. Art by Joy Ang.

Cove is an OC created by Hrrdragons99 and Katluvr88 please ask before you use him.

He will feature in an upcoming series by Hrr and Kat.


Cove is impulsive and fierce. He has explored the Kingdom of the Sea, but not the other kingdoms. Most of all, he wants to see the rainforest. He also wants to meet IceWings and NightWings. He has seen one NightWing, but never an IceWing. He also wants to fins out who his parents are.


He has dark blue scales, the same shade as Tsunami's. He has under scales are bluish-green. On his wings he has wave patterns, but they do not glow like other patterns on his scales. He has the royal pattern on the under-side of his wings, but it was always unknown who he was related to. He has dark blue eyes, with flecks of pale blue and green. He has no known abilities or flaws.


Cove faintly remembers a female dragon's face. He is known to be a royal, but not known who he was born to. He lived with the SeaWing queen ever since, and was raised by her. He was trained in fighting especially and is excellent at it.

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