Horsehead Nebula


Cosmos is a white Swiftwing with a bright orange mane and a yellow stripe. She is currently five years old and is a pyrokinetic.


Cosmos was born in the Scorpion Den in the Sand Kingdom. By the time she was born, the great war was starting. Her parents were really weak and poisoned from a SandWing attack. Soon, after she hatched they died. She lived her whole life running away from hostile dragons. She is one of the main protagonists in The Raining Jewel

Her best friend is a RainWing named Pride and a FlameWing named Blazestorm and a Nightwing named Celestia.

Cosmos only met Pride when she was 3 and Blazestorm and Celsetia when she was four.

Her likes and dislikes

She likes: Food, sleep, friends, flying, dreaming, talking, and goofing around She Dislikes: fighting, dragons who hate her, walking, cold, heat, water, and poison

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