Cosmo is a IceWing/SeaWing hybrid who is 7 years old.

A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Cosmo's mother was a IceWing and his father a SeaWing. They had signed up for a program supporting hybrids. After being in it for a while, they decided to have a dragonet. After they had Cosmo, they quit the program and spent all their focus on him.

Cosmo was raised in the SeaWing territory, but Cosmo despised the hot weather, as his personality and traits came from his mother.

His grandfather died of a natural cause. While they were focused on his grandmother, Cosmo left for adventure. He went out for the sea, wondering if he could find anything. Cosmo soon found a small island which was perfect for him.


Cosmo has white scales. His light up scales are a blue charcoal. The dragon's eyes are a bright green, but his left eye is black and yellow.


Cosmo barely trusts anyone. He has a temper around lazy dragons, and can snap at them often. Cosmo would obviously like to be alone than with someone else. He hates most SandWings.

Abilities and Disabilities

He has very weak ice breath, which can easily melt just by the heat of a SandWing's scales. He has glow stripes, but they never turn off, so he cannot speak underwater.

His wings are a little torn, so he cannot fly for more than 30 minutes, also without getting tired. He can get tired in battle easily.