Corrosivefang is a 9 year-old NightWing.  


Corrosivefang is ruthless, depending on the situation. He is regal, and would sacrifice himself for his wonderful tribe. Corrosivefang loves his tribe and would defend the members of his tribe. He would kill anything that would harm any NightWing. Corrosivefang is serious for his age and is excellent in fighting, and he is very loyal to the dragons he loves. He likes SandWings a bit more than the other tribes, as this may regard Blister's alliance with his tribe. Corrosivefang is very independent and hates when others help him.

Corrosivefang is very secretive and is basically a living, walking and talking encyclopedia. He can answer almost any question anyone throws at him.  Corrosivefang loves science, language and history. The NightWing doesn't mind to loudly correct anyone who says anything wrong about science or NightWings. Corrosivefang can't stand stereotypes.

His father was a surgeon who experimented with RainWing venom. One day, a RainWing almost killed him and Corrosivefang formed grudges against all RainWings. Corrosivefang has excellent memory and can hold grudges for a very long time. Corrosivefang has a warrior for a mother, so he doesn't mind killing anyone. Corrosivefang isn't in a merciful mood for long. He hates when dragons kill others just to enjoy the sound of cracking bones.

The NightWing often snaps at slow learners. Corrosivefang gets mad easily and can even swipe his talons against the dragon who angered him. Corrosivefang hates rude dragons and dragons who think they are smarter than him.


Corrosivefang has odd sandy yellow eyes that faintly glow. His underscales are a very light charcoal gray. Corrosivefang's main scales are a night sky black. His wing membranes are the usual night sky pattern with the starry scales on them. Corrosive has icy blue talons. Corrosivefang has a long scar that runs down his front arm. He has a metal patch on his tail from RainWing venom that has healing bandage under it. Corrosivefang has a deep purple teardrop gem horn decoration. His horns are chipped, and he has a total of 7 scars.


Corrosivefang had a warrior mother and a RainWing surgeon father, so he doesn't mind killing. His mother retired soon after he was hatched, but his father didn't. His mother often dropped off Corrosivefang at his father's lab and watched him do surgery. One day, A RainWing bit down hard on his hand and Corrosivefang's hand was almost melted.



Corrosivefang has a deadly bacteria in his saliva that breaks down prey. He can blend into shadows and can read minds. However, Corrosivefang can't fly for a very long time because of an injury. Corrosivefang has a small silver sliver that he keeps clipped to his ear, then takes it off in battle.


  • Corrosivefang hates hot weather
  • Corrosivefang loves cold weather
  • The NightWing's favorite food is decaying rabbit.