Cornsnake is a 7 year-old male SandWing. 


Cornsnake overall is one you would like to have as an ally. He analyzes and thinks over things quickly and likes to make no mistakes in what he does. Cornsnake has somewhat of a bad temper, but only gets truly made when someone insults his work. As a result from his past, Cornsnake is paranoid of others and has self taught himself to not trust easily. The SandWing is intelligent, being taught by the teachers Blister and Coral hire at the SeaWing kingdom.


Cornsnake was taught to study the NightWing tribe, and did so happily. He also seemed to have an interest in snake behaviors and even has an albino corn snake named "Leafy".


Cornsnake has the colors of a corn snake. He has the red saddle patterns on his back, outlined by white. A milky white maize pattern can be spotted on his stomach scale plates in certain light. Cornsnake has creamy orange scales, and around his stomach, take on a lighter shade, almost yellow. His eyes are hazel.

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