Corlin is a male CunningWing and is property of the Clathoria and it's rightful citizens.


Corlin has light brown scales with darker brown on his legs and tail.He has light green eyes and his horns slightly curve downwards.He carries a black satchel that contains the "Cunning Way" by Fulk and his cooking equipment.He has a slim build,though slightly muscled.He has no tongue,which was cut off..He communicates by sign language and writing on a scroll.He has a a ring on his left index talon,inscribed with markings on the sides and a green gem set in the middle


He is quiet and shy around most dragons,though if he likes a dragon he will celebrate meeting them with a home cooked meal,and a gift carved from anything he can find.He strays away from major cities and places,keeping to the outskirts of kingdoms unless he is in CunningWing territory.He only goes to major cities to buy supplies for his carvings and cookings.He loves carving,and even more cooking.He is naturally cunning and clever and may sometimes do a spy mission if he must for money.As the General of the CunningWing army,he puts on a new face and turns into a tactician and warrior.He dislikes flaunting and bragging about the title,which may gain more attention then he wants.


He dislikes battle so is not properly trained in it.He is however trained in deception,using tricks to confuse opponents before striking.He is skilled in using his cooking knives,his favored a large yet light cleaver knife he crafted himself.He rarely takes a risk,unless something dear to him is dangered.


He is named after my Blood Elf Death Knight in World of Warcraft.