Cor is the wings of Sky in the Hero Prophecy from The Seven: The Scavenger Prophecy. He loves to fly and breathe fire on his opponents.


More than anything, Cor loves flying. Being a SkyWing has his advantages in flight, so he uses it as a weapon. The other way he loves to fight is using his fire. He thinks it is the best shield against an opponent when you don't know what to do. His favorite meal is cow meat, but he hates the smell of disgusting, raw fish, so he eats farthest away from the Seawings in his cave. The Hero is closer to him and he is closer to her. They became best friends after meeting each other for the first time.


Rich red scales and light red underscales with golden-orangeish wing membrane. His horns and claws are dark red and his eyes are orange like fire.


Cor has basic SkyWing abilities, but has a special skill in flying and fire-breathing.