Copperhead is a SandWing who used to work in the lab, but left shortly after. He now helps the RainWings heal the sick in the rainforest. He wishes to never go back to where he once worked, and has always loved studying the plants.


He has more copper scales, and black glimmering eyes. He wears a hollow sphere usually filled with medicine and teeth on his necklace. He is quite weak for a SandWing, but his tail venom is quite powerful.


He is quite calm and loves learning new things. He loves animals, dragons and plants and he has a want to protect life. He is smart and loves scrolls, and he sometimes writes some of them himself. However, his vast intellect can lead to him believing he is more "advanced" and superior than other dragons. He usually tries not to do this, but he can sometimes appear this way when he speaks.


Copperhead is an awesome healer.

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