Concoction is a 8 year-old SeaWing and a rebel SeaWing. He used to be a guard for Coral, but was banished. 


Concotion was hatched and quickly trained to be a guard for queen Coral. After a couple of months, he was sent off to Coral. Coral rejected him at first, but Concotion didn't go back home.

He trained harder.

Hours went by, days went by, even weeks went by. He was finally ready at the age of 3, and this time Coral accepted his offer. Concotion was bored with his job until a SandWing assassin attacked Coral. Concotion fought him for more than three hours, but when he was done, he fainted from the venom and was quickly transported to a nearby healer.

The healer explained to him that his tail would be paralyzed forever. His tail is in the shape of a rearing snake, and that will never change. Concotion sadly accepted that his tail was now useless. He went back to Coral, but fired him as a guard. Furious, Concotion attacked the queen. Soon after he was banished from the SeaWing kingdom. Banished and alone, Concotion had no choice but to join the rebels. To this day, he is still in the rebels group. Concotion thinks of every SeaWing rebel as an ally and maybe a future friend.


Concotion is now quite peaceful in the rebels group. He has learned to control his raging temper, but still has outbursts. He finds rude dragons unacceptable and will tell them right quickly. Concotion doesn't mind dragonets, as long as they don't break anything or his. Concotion hates it when he tries to reach his goals, but fails in the way and dragons try to stop him. But he'll never stop trying because he's very ambitious.


Concotion has dodger blue main scales, with hints of cornflower blue in them. His fins are a pastel blue and his eyes are a dark teal. His talons are a navy blue and so are his horns. He has a scar right on his eyes, and he can't see the color mud brown anymore for some reason. On the right side of his neck, he has two crisscrossing scars that make an "X". His glowing scales are a cobalt blue. He wears small glasses when reading small print. He wears rope around his left leg, and it has a seaglass charm on it.